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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

40th Anniversaries

Let’s observe all of the important 40th anniversaries of rock music!

Not every artist warrants a re-mastered CD, a deluxe edition or a boxed set – but lately, some really neat CD packages have crossed my path – and filled my ears. Not long ago, I got a 2CD “Deluxe Edition” of The Moody Blues “In Search Of The Lost Chord”, an album I have been enjoying for nearly four decades. Alternate takes, actual different songs – improved booklet, overall packaging. Recently, I got a 4CD ‘boxed set’ of Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention “The Making of Freak Out” – Wow! Alternate takes / versions where none had ever been available before (even on bootlegs!) – only a few new songs, but let it suffice to say that this is one of my all-time favorite albums; I am basking in the wonderfulness of it’s original mix. Let’s hope they keep up with the 40th anniversary of all the Zappa albums! I want a four-disc version of “Absolutely Free”!

So, what about some of the other amazing 60’s records? Does everybody have illuminating boxed sets, re-mastered versions with clear trays, Japanese little album covers, previously unreleased bonus tracks etc.? No, not all things are created equal.

I like the look of The Doors re-mastered versions that are currently being flogged – I have replaced my Doors CD’s once already – long ago – the ones I kept were the first re-mastering – no bonus tracks, but they had improved sound, courtesy of the records’ original producer, Mr. Paul Rothchild. Are the new 2CD Doors CD’s only in an expensive boxed set? How much better can they be made to sound? What is the quality of the bonus tracks? The exact same scenario exists for The Bee Gees – I have all of their CD’s, and their first boxed set – and I still want the new 6 CD Rhino boxed set of the first three albums, heaped with bonus material.

And what are they going to do with The Beatles catalogue – beyond those boxed sets of US albums on CD? Will the Japanese make little paper album covers, exactly matching the UK originals? Let’s hope so! It was very recently the 40th anniversary of “Sgt. Peppers” – strange how that album went from revered to reviled. It is pretty clever, I reckon. And it’s time to listen to it again.


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Sgt. Pepper reviled

Since when has this flower of Western Civilization ever been reviled? [apart from Mr. Lydon] I'm getting pretty darn sick of having the Beatles assault my consciousness in the media my ENTIRE LIFE! Is it any wonder I can't listen to their stuff?! Some of it ain't bad but is it really THAT good? I smell hype. Music I'm strongly passionate about is all but unknown to the loving public.

7:21 AM  
Blogger Brian Ware said...

Re: The Beatles

It's hard for many to separate what's purely their musical legacy from their overall cultural impact on the 60s. I much prefer early Beatles. Give me "A Hard Days' Night", "For Sale" or "Help" anytime. I think "Sgt. Pepper" is rather overrated, and I feel the same way about "Revolver" and "The White Album".

8:07 PM  
Anonymous Jim Donato said...


Last night when I arrived home, Sue was playing "Plastic Ono Band" and it was a joy to me that I did not immediately recognize it. "Working Class Hero" is the only number I can name off of it. As I listened to it, I was struck by how contemporary it was. It seemed more interesting than the Beatles material, which is just cultural wallpaper to me.

Now I do like the Rolling Stones! I developed an appreciation for them finally in my early 20s.

5:39 AM  

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