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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Releases 1972.02.28

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of February 28, 1972

Caught my eye:

JIMI HENDRIX – In The West (Reprise 2049) (LP)

BILL BALANCE & THE FEMININE FORUM (Mark 56 578) picture disc (LP)

LINDISFARNE – Fog On The Tyne (Elektra EKS 75021)

JOJO GUNNE (Asylum SD 5053)


The posthumous Hendrix live LP’s just keep on comin’. L.A. radio comedy from DJ Bill Balance. 2nd U.S. LP from Alan Hull & Co. (Lindisfarne), as licensed from Charisma Records, England. Ex-Spirit guys Jo Jo Gunne make a Southern California ‘classic’ – with singles like “Run Run Run” and “Shake That Fat”. The Move quickly become E.L.O.

Also of interest:

THE GUESS WHO – Rockin’ (RCA LSP-4602)

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS – Eat A Peach (Capricorn 0102) double LP (CD)

FANNY – Fanny Hill (Reprise 2058)

HARRY CHAPIN – Heads & Tales (Elektra EKS 75023)

JACKIE LOMAX – Three (Warner 2591)

The Guess Who soldier on. Southern-fried jam rock from the Allmans. More feminist rock from Fanny. Singer/Songwriter nirvana from Harry Chapin (LP has a die-cut cover, and the single is 6 minutes long). Liverpool’s finest (Jackie Lomax) gives Warner Brothers their 2nd album.

Notable singles:

JOAN BAEZ – Silent Running b/w Rejoice In The Sun (Decca 32890)

DON BOWMAN – Hello D.J. (2 parts) (Mega 0062)

HARRY CHAPIN – Taxi (Elektra 45770)

JAMES BROWN – King Heroin b/w Theme from King Heroin (Polydor 14116)

Joan Baez has an O.S.T. A-side; C&W comedy from RCA veteran Don Bowman – a funny record! The first single from “Heads & Tales” by Harry Chapin. James Brown continues to give Polydor singles that the radio won’t exactly flog.



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