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Friday, May 25, 2007

New Releases 1972.02.14

Phonolog Reports – New Releases
Week of February 14, 1972

Caught my eye:

THE FIRESIGN THEATRE – I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus (Columbia CQ-30737) QUAD version

HAWKWIND – In Search Of Space (U.A. UAS-5567)

JIM CAPALDI – Oh How We Danced (Island / Capitol SW-9314)

DONOVAN – The World of Donovan (Physical – Spiritual) (Epic KEG-31210) double LP

Quad comedy LP’s? OK. We go all spacey with the 2nd U.S. Hawkwind LP. Traffic’s Jim Capaldi gets a solo album (even before Steve Winwood got a real solo album). And I am not 100% certain that this Donovan album actually came out in the U.S. – my copy of it is Dutch, and I do not recall seeing a U.S. copy! It’s essentially an Epic label 2LP ‘best of’. (Sorry, the photo didn't rotate, for some reason)

Also of interest:


JAMES LAST – Music From Across The Way (Polydor 24-5505)

STONE THE CROWS – Teenaged Licks (Polydor 24-5020)

AL GREEN – Let’s Stay Together (Hi SHL 32070)

EZ hits from Jackson Browne and James Last (my dad had this album). 2nd U.S. album for Stone The Crows. Big time R&B hit for Rev. Al Green.

Notable singles:

LEON RUSSELL – A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall b/w A Song For You (Shelter 7316)

COMMANDER CODY & THE LOST PLANET AIRMEN – Hot Rod Lincoln (Paramount 0146)

FAMILY – Larf & Sing b/w Between Blue and Me (U.A. 50882)

THE NEWBEATS – On Pretty Woman b/w Remember Love (Hickory 1624)

THE SWEET – Poppa Joe (Bell 45184)

Dandy AM A-side for Commander Cody; Leon Russell single from his 2nd Shelter album “Leon Russell & The Shelter People”; A Family single from “Fearless”; I guess The Newbeats stayed with Hickory from “Bread & Butter” all the way to ’72 (at very least); glam rock from The Sweet – in early ’72!



Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Jackson Browne

Always hated that guy. Absolutely shocked to the core when I found out that he was Nico's boy-toy from the late 60s period! DOES NOT COMPUTE, WILL ROBINSON! His only worth was drawing interest to Warren Zevon, and I would still prefer that he had never actually sung on Zevon's albums.

Re: Leon Russell

So "A Song For You" was an example of a "Renegade" B-side? What other renegade B-sides can you name where the flipside ended up being the big hit. Favorites? And... too bad that can't happen anymore in today's digital world. PDs only have the items that the labels WANT to promote as grist for their mill. The choice is either play this song or don't. No alternative is presented. No longer can a maverick PD start playing the flip side of a single. There are no more flip sides.

Re: Commander Cody

"Hot Rod Lincoln" was an awesomely cool song to this 9 year old.

7:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jim – not merely wanting to play devil’s advocate (and it may well be a lost cause), but have you heard the Jackson Browne Nina Demos? Plenty on the web about them but a 2 lp acetate/demo lp recorded by 18 year old Jackson with nascent demo versions of “These Days,” “Somewhere There’s a Feather” and “Fairest of the Seasons.” Really interesting for any fans of Nico’s Chelsea Girl. Quite a few of the other songs ended up on other artist’s records (which would be a good comp at some point).

I just watched the new Tim Buckley dvd comp that came out and the early Browne stuff is not that far off from the first two Buckley lps. I was at the Merle Haggard show last fall at UCLA and the guy in front of me in the beer line turns around . . . Jackson Browne. I was going to ask him about it but he seemed like it would have been a lost cause and he couldn’t have cared less. No Nukes dude.


11:37 AM  
Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Tim Buckley

Don't like him either.

2:00 PM  

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