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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Releases 1972.03.06

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of March 6, 1972

Caught my eye:

JETHRO TULL – Thick As A Brick (Reprise 2072) (LP) (CD)

SPIRIT – Feedback (Epic KE-31175)

WAYNE COCHRAN / C.C. RIDERS – Cochran! (Epic E-30989) (LP)

THOMAS F. BROWNE – Wednesday’s Child (Vertigo VEL-1011)

I already had a British import of the Jethro Tull LP – the hippie record store got it in before I even knew it was coming out! The Spirit LP looked good, but I didn’t get it then. I had seen Wayne Cochran’s big white pompadour on TV – I had no idea what he / it sounded like. Thomas F. Browne is likely the least interesting artist on Vertigo!

Also of interest:

CLAIRE HAMMILL – One House Left Standing (Island/ Capitol SW-9316) (LP)

SAVOY BROWN – Hellbound Train (Parrot 71052)

FLOYD CRAMER – Detours (RCA LSP-4676) (LP)

STEVIE WONDER – The Music Of My Mind (Tamla 314)

Claire Hammill was on Island, and that was enough for me in ’72. I knew “Train To Nowhere” by Savoy Brown. Instrumental EZ / C&W from Mr. Floyd Cramer. R&B benefits from Mr. Wonder’s early 70’s LP’s – yeah!

Notable singles:

ALICE COOPER – Be My Lover b/w Yeah Yeah Yeah (Warner 7568)

BAY CITY ROLLERS – Keep On Dancing b/w Alright (Bell 45169)

ELTON JOHN – Tiny Dancer b/w Razor Face (Uni 55318)

JO JO GUNNE – Run Run Run b/w Take It Easy (Asylum 11003)

PAUL KANTER – Sunfighter b/w China (Grunt 65-0503)

ROBERTA FLACK – First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Atlantic 2864)

Nice A-side from Alice Cooper. Pre-“Saturday Night” U.S. Rollers single – their US debut? Good FM hit for Elton John. Dandy A-side for Jo Jo Gunne. A distinct non-hit for Paul Kanter & Grace Slick. EZ R&B big time hit for Roberta Flack.



Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Alice Cooper

My wife hipped me to the pleasures of "Killer." I can't say as a 8-9 year old I ever heard Alice Cooper pre-"School's Out." Good tunes!

Re: Elton John - If I NEVER hear "Tiny Dancer" again it'll be too soon! But against all odds, I'm really appreciating "Rocket Man" right now - much more than when it hit.

Re: Jo Jo Gunne - Much better then the smarmy Jay Ferguson hit "Thunder Island" that followed in the late 70s! Yeuuch!

Re: Roberta Flack - Damn, but I hated this song as a kid but I recall it being the Billboard single of the year. Shows what I knew!

8:23 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Jo Jo Gunne!

9:53 PM  

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