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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Releases 1972.01.24

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of January 24, 1972

Caught my eye:

HEVY GUNZ – Dope On Dope and Dope Doops (Enterprise 1022) (LP)

PETER YARROW – Peter (Warner BS 2599) (LP)

HORACE SILVER – United States Of Mind (Blue Note 84368)

Hevy Gunz were a comedy group – in the 99 cent bin – believe it or not, this album was eventually re-released as 1/2 of a double LP! Peter Yarrow is the Peter of Peter Paul & Mary. Unless I am mistaken, he was also the last of the three to issue his ‘solo’ album. I didn’t catch up to Horace Silver until “In Pursuit Of The 27th Man”, but I know this album is a groovy one!

Also of interest:

ERIC MERCURY – Funky Rock (Enterprise 1020)

PAUL JONES – Crucifix In A Horseshoe (London XPS-605)

BRINSLEY SCHWARZ – Silver Pistol (U.A. UAS-5566)

RAY STEVENS – Turn Your Radio On (Barnaby 30809) (LP)

I’m very into Eric Mercury – “Electric Black Man” etc. – but I do not know this album. Paul Jones used to be the vocalist of Manfred Mann. Brinsley Schwarz featured Nick Lowe on bass. Ray Stevens was more in his “Mr. Businessman” mode than his “Ahab The Arab” mode – both are OK for me.

Notable singles:

BENNY HILL – Ernie, The Fastest Milkman In The West b/w Ting-A-Ling-A-Loo (Capitol 3272)

BREAD – Everything I Own b/w I Don’t Love You (Elektra 45765)

JONATHAN KING – Hooked On A Feeling (Parrot 3029)

BEE GEES – My World b/w On Time (Atco 6871)

CAROLE KING – Sweet Seasons b/w Pocket Money (Ode 66022)

I never knew this Benny Hill single came out in the US! More M.O.R. Bread hits. How long did Jonathan King beat Blue Swede to this song? Nice song from Carole King – and decidedly a non-hit Bee Gees 45 in the US (but I understand it was huge in Japan etc.)



Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Hooked On A Feeling

Blue Swede released their cover of Jonathan King's cover of "Hooked On A Feeling" in 1974. Ah yais, I remeember eet well... I've never heard the Jonathan King cover but scuttlebutt has it that BS nicked the once-heard-never-forgotten "ooga chaka" arrangement whole cloth! But enough prattle! The only cover that matters is DAVID HASSELHOFF'S:

Yes, watch it and your life will change too!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Please, no You Tube mentioned on my blog, Jim-san!

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Rick said...

Sorry, Ron. This is one YouTube mention that you'll just have to accept and allow. The sheer audacity of such a video being created in this day and age (the accompanying album release was on September 11, 2006!) boggles the mind and at the same time imbues you with an overwhelming sense of doubt about whether or not the word "sanity" has indeed just been rendered both useless and meaningless. It has all the flavor of an "Up With People" flashback mixed with sizable helpings of "Sid & Marty Kroftt"-ish production tricks/values and is topped off with all the panache of a Pat Boone "heavy metal" performance. Germany's penance for Hitler's sins: HASSELHOFF fandom! This video grants them total absolution. OOGA-CHAKKA!

8:46 PM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

PLEASE do not continue to flog You Tube on my blog. Please respect my request. Thank you.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Rick said...

'Nuff said. Request hithertofore respected! To paraphrase Mark Antony, I came not to flog the "medium" (which I neither praise nor endorse), but to bury the "message" (which was so remarkably anachronistic and...delusional!). I still must offer my thanks to Jim for bringing this video to my awareness. In the spirit of Frank Zappa's quote, "absurdity is the only reality" -- and this video was, in this respect, "real"! OOGA-OOGA-OOGA-CHAKKA!

Facing "piles and piles of trials with smiles, I remain "yours & oblig", 8-) Rick

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter Yarrow - great memory of his first solo album!

12:09 AM  

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