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Monday, May 14, 2007

The House is on Fire! - Part 4

House on Fire!



Jay Alanski - “Une Adventure Avec Toi (Ce Soir” (Vogue FR 7”) not on LP or CD

Lavvi Ebbel - “On The Telephone” b/w “Desire” (Vogue BEL 7”) not on LP or CD

Henriette Coulouvrat - “Rockin’ On The Red Book” b/w “Paddy Field” (MM FR 7”) not on LP or CD

Frank Zappa - “Mother People” b/w “Lonely Little Girl” (Verve US 7”) not on LP or CD

The Rolling Stones - “Dandelion” b/w “We Love You” (Decca UK 7”)

Donovan - “Epistle To Dippy” (Epic US 7”)

Jimi Hendrix Experience - “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” b/w “The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam’s Dice” (Track Record UK 7”)

Suburban Reptiles - “Saturday Night (Stay At Home)” (Vertigo NZ 7”)

The Iveys - “Maybe Tomorrow” b/w “Her Daddy’s A Millionaire” (Apple US 7”)

The Nits - “Bobby Solo” b/w “Tables and Chairs” (CBS NL 7”) not on LP or CD

Eli - “Never Mind” (Parlophone UK 7”) not on LP or CD

John Cooper Clarke - “Walking Back To Happiness” (Epic UK 10”) not on LP or CD

Y.M.O. - “X Infinity Multiplies” (Alfa JPN 10”)

Mainframe - “Five Minutes” (Polydor UK 12”) not on LP or CD

The Wastrels - “The Jenner Affair” (Hit Singles NZ 12”) not on LP or CD

…the flames are really licking at my heels at this point, I can only grab ten more titles before I wheel my ‘cart’ to safety…what should they be? (LP, CD or singles!)

What titles would you definitely take with you, if at all possible? Feel free to post some titles in the comments, or feel free to email me with your replies.

- Ron


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Dandelion

Wow. You'd save a 7" you bought from me. I'm honored. But I also really enjoy the Stones psychedelic era.

7:18 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...


I bought "She's A Rainbow" (PS) from you,
not "Dandelion". I have both a US promo
of "Dandelion" and a UK Decca orig 7".

Ah, yes. "Cupid & Psyche" in Japan was
rush-released, so some (unmixed, slightly
'less mixed') tapes were sent and released,
without the knowledge or consent of the
artiste. LP quickly withdrawn; I had it on
"pre-order", so I got a copy of this oddity.
It's like Virgin sent them a tape of 'sample
mixes', as opposed to final mixes.

And, yes - Arthur Brown's psychedelic band
after "The Crazy World of Arthur Brown" was
called "Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come". and
they had three great prog albums '71 - '73.
I met Arthur and got the best one signed,
"Galactic Zoo Dossier".


7:40 AM  

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