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Monday, April 16, 2007


Phonolog Reports – New Releases
Week of December 20, 1971

The week of Christmas, 1971 – always kind of a worthless week, in terms of decent releases…

Caught my eye:

PAUL KANTER & GRACE SLICK – Sunfighter (Grunt 1002) (LP)
LIGHTHOUSE – One Fine Light (RCA VPS-6047) double LP

With Jefferson Airplane having crashed, we could look forward to records like “Sunfighter”; I do not think this is the Lighthouse album with “One Fine Morning” on it – but I am not certain; Jackie McCauley is an Irish singer / songwriter who wrote some great 60’s hits for The Foundations etc. – found in the 99 cent bin.

Also of interest:

PETER BARDENS – Write My Name In The Dust (Verve Forecast 3091)
MARK-ALMOND (Blue Thumb BTS-32)
VAUGHN MEADER – The Second Coming (Kama Sutra 2038)
RUDY RAY MOORE – Return of Dolemite (Kent 010)

Records that one could find in a 99 cent bin, if you looked for them. The only one I had at the time was the Vaughn Meader LP (yes, the same Vaughn Meader that sent-up the Kennedy family). I wouldn’t have been old enough to buy a “Dolemite” record in ’71!

Notable singles:

LED ZEPPELIN – Black Dog (Atlantic 2849)
MOUNTAIN – Crossroader b/w Roll Over Beethoven (Windfall 536)
BILLY PRESTON – Outa-space b/w I Wrote A Simple Song (A&M 1320)
GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – Footstompin’ Music b/w I Come Tumblin’ (Capitol 3255)
THE SINGING DOGS – Jingle Bells (RCA 48-1020)
JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO – Happy Xmas (Apple 1842) green vinyl

A single from “Led Zeppelin II”; a single from Mountain’s “Flowers of Evil”; mage hit for Billy Preston with this rockin’ R&B instrumental; Grand Funk had been on TV, so we knew what this was; and finally some Xmas music that I “approve” of – the first issue of the now-famous John Lennon Xmas 45, and the first issue (of the 70’s) for the 1955 novelty classic – by The Singing Dogs (originally known as Don Charles and The Singing Dogs) – no, there isn’t a whole LP of amusement of this nature from that era!



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