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Friday, April 06, 2007


Phonolog Reports – New Releases
Week of September 13, 1971

Caught my eye:

BEE GEES – Trafalgar (Atco SD 7003) (LP) + (CD)
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE – Bark (Grunt 1001) (LP)
THE FIRESIGN THEATRE – I Think We’re All Bozos On This Bus (Columbia C-30737) (LP) + (CD)
JOHN LENNON – Imagine (Apple/Capitol SW-3379) (LP) + (CD)
CAT STEVENS – Teaser & The Firecat (A&M SP-4313) (LP)
TRAFFIC – Welcome To The Canteen (U.A. UAS-5550) (LP) + (CD)
– Live Yardbirds (Epic E-30615) (LP)
FRANK ZAPPA – 200 Motels (O.S.T.) (U.A. UAS-9956) (double LP) (LP) + (CD)

Some great stuff this week. Took us about 5 years to find the Yardbirds LP! This is the J.A. LP that came in a plain brown wrapper. Love the Firesign Theatre. The John Lennon was huge, especially “How Do You Sleep?”. The Traffic had been on the release schedule as “Traffic Live!”. I openly worshipped Zappa’s “200 Motels” – my mother took me to see it! The LP had a big poster (& booklet) in it.

Also of interest:

CATAPILLA (Vertigo VEL-1006)
SANDY DENNY – North Star Grassmen & The Ravens (A&M SP-4317)
– Angel Delight (A&M SP-4319)
JIM HENSON’S MUPPETS – Alphabet Album (Columbia CC-25503)
HUMBLE PIE – Performance (A&M SP-3506) (double LP)
JADE WARRIOR (Vertigo VEL-1007)
LINDISFARNE – Nicely Out Of Tune (Elektra EKS-74099)
LONNIE MACK – Hills Of Indiana (Elektra EKS-74102) (LP)
BUDDY MILES – Live (Mercury SRM-2-7500) (double LP)
URIAH HEEP – Look At Yourself (Mercury SRM-1-614) (LP)

More US Vertigo releases. Some Sandy Denny / Fairport action. Muppets! Lindisfarne was licensed from Charisma Records, England – Uriah Heep was licensed from Bronze Records, England. I only got the Lonnie Mack LP recently.

Notable singles:

GREASE BAND – Jessie James b/w All I Wanna Do (Shelter 7310)
HOWLIN’ WOLF – Red Rooster b/w Do The Do (Chess 2118) re-issue?
CAT STEVENS – Peace Train b/w Where Do The Children Play (A&M 1291)

I was certainly paying attention to Cat Stevens at this time. Howlin’ Wolf must be a re-issue, huh? I like The Grease Band more now than I did then!



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