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Monday, April 09, 2007


Phonolog Reports – New Releases
Week of October 11, 1971

Caught my eye:

COLOSSEUM – Live (Warner / Bronze XS-1942) (LP) (CD)
CRABBY APPLETON – Rotten To The Core (Elektra EKS-74106)
JOHN ENTWISTLE – Smash You Head Against The Wall (Decca DL 79183) (LP) (CD)
CYRUS FARYAR – Cyrus (Elektra EKS-74105) (LP)
BERT JANSCHRosemary Lane (Reprise RS 645)
QUIVER (Warner WS 1939)
SANTANA – aka “Santana 3” (Columbia KC-30595) (LP)
T. REX – Electric Warrior (Reprise RS 6466) (LP) (CD)

The swansong from Colosseum, I love it. I missed Crabby Appleton first time around. This John Entwistle is my favorite record in the entire canon of work of The Who. I loved Cyrus Faryar on “Cosmic Sounds Of The Zodiac”! I had tons of Bert Jansch Transatlantic records…I remember finding a 99 cent copy of Quiver. Santana was in the air. I heard “Mambo Sun” from “Electric Warrior” and knew I needed it.

Also of interest:

THE STAMPEDERS – Against The Grain (Bell 6068)
THREE DOG NIGHT – Harmony (Dunhill DSX-50108)
DAVY JONES (Bell 6067)
WES MONTGOMERY – Just Walkin’ (Verve V6-8804)
BEACH BOYS – Pet Sounds (Capitol ST-2458)
VAN MORRISONTupelo Honey (Warner 1950)
BRIDGET ST. JOHN – Songs For The Gentle Man (Elektra EKS-74104) (LP)

Stampeders were Canadian, right? Sweet City Woman, right? More TDN. Monkee Davy. Posthumous Wes M. Why is “Pet Sounds” on a 1971 release schedule? Van Morrison, after “Moondance”. This Bridget St. John LP is produced by Ron Geesin.

Notable singles:

JIMI HENDRIX – Dolly Dagger b/w Star Spangled Banner (Reprise 1044)
MICKEY DOLENZ – Easy On You b/w Oh Someone (MGM K-14309)
SANATNA – Everybody’s Everything b/w Guajira (Columbia 4-45472)
JOHN LENNON – Imagine b/w It’s So Hard (Apple 1840)

Jimi’s 45 from “Rainbow Bridge”; More Monkee shenanigans; the single from “Santana 3” and big time legendary John Lennon 45, at the time of it’s release (too bad he didn’t seem to believe in B-Sides, “It’s So Hard is on the “Imagine” LP).



Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: JOHN LENNON – Imagine b/w It’s So Hard (Apple 1840)

What a relief that the first record I ever bought with "my own money" in a real record store [I was eight] is a certifiable classic. I played mine on my vintage '49 tube 45 player! Take THAT Neil Young! It sure sounded "warm." Heck, it WAS warm! It even had to "warm up!" An "audiophile" at an early age! Post '72 I never had "valve sound" again.

In a perfect world, [and if I were into revisionist history] I would have waited a year and had "Virginia Plain" as my first record at age nine, but sorry to say I didn't hear that earth shattering record until the early 80s! You are what you is, eh Ron?

7:13 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

I think i was 14 (or 15) when I first heard "Virginia Plain" - I was snobby, and had purchased the UK LP, so I didn't hear that song (as it was left off of the UK vers.) until my friend bought the US version of the first RM LP. I found the 45 of it shortly thereafter - like when I was 15 or 16 -- so I've had it for 30+ years.

I had the John Lennon LP - I think it had been an Xmas present - so when I saw that the B-side was on the LP, I didn't go for it.

7:25 AM  

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