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Monday, December 15, 2008

1980's - Top 50 Albums

12-15-08 1980’s – Top 50

From the same “Rock Album Best 100” book from Record Collector Magazine in Japan. They also broke it down by decade (60’s, 70’s & 80’s) – of course, some of these 80’s titles did not make the “Top 100” over-all. I believe these titles are selected by the editors, as no “number of votes” are indicated. For our amusement:

  1. TALKING HEADS – Remain In Light
  2. U2 – Joshua Tree
  3. SCRITTI POLITTI – Cupid & Psyche ’85
  4. DONALD FAGEN – The Nightfly
  5. THE POLICE – Synchronicity
  6. PEFAB SPROUT – Steve McQueen
  7. THE POP GROUP – How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?
  8. THE BEASTIE BOYS – License To Ill
  10. SONIC YOUTH – Daydream Nation
  11. THE STYLE COUNCIL – Our Favourite Shop
  12. LOU REED – New York
  13. PRINCE – Sign O’ The Times
  14. THE STYLE COUNCIL – Café Bleu
  15. THE SMITHS – self-titled debut
  16. ROXY MUSIC – Avalon
  17. JOY DIVISION – Closer
  18. THE CLASH – Sandanista
  19. U2 – War
  20. JOHN LENNON & YOKO ONO – Double Fantasy
  21. KEITH RICHARDS – Talk Is Cheap
  22. XTC – Black Sea
  23. BEN WATT – North Marine Drive
  24. PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. – Flowers Of Romance
  25. AZTEC CAMERA – High Land, Hard Rain
  26. THE BLUE NILE – Hats
  27. PRINCE – 1999
  28. THE ROLLING STONES – Tattoo You
  29. YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS – Colossal Youth
  30. JESUS & MARY CHAIN – Psychocandy
  31. BRIAN WILSON – self-titled
  32. GUNS ‘N’ ROSES – Appetite For Destruction
  33. FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION – The First Of A Million Kisses
  34. R.E.M. – Murmur
  35. HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS – Sports
  36. PRINCE – Around The World In A Day
  37. STEELY DAN – Gaucho
  38. THE PALE FOUNTAINS – Pacific Street
  39. JOHN HIATT – Bring The Family
  40. MICHAEL JACKSON – Thriller
  41. ELVIS COSTELLO – King Of America
  42. TOM WAITS – Rain Dogs
  43. THE SMITHS – The Queen Is Dead
  44. THE STONE ROSES – self-titled
  45. XTC – English Settlement
  46. AC/DC – Back In Black
  47. STEVE WINWOOD – Back In The High Life
  48. XTC – Skylarking
  49. LOS LOBOS – How Will The Wolf Survive?
  50. FABRIZIO DE ANDRE – Creuza De M

I stopped at #50, as I felt that this was a title that none of us had ever heard! The highlights of the rest of the 80’s (up to #100) are (in no particular order); THE BUGGLES “The Plastic Age”, SERGE GAUINSBOURG “Love On The Beat”, MOTORHEAD “Ace OF Spades”, LEONARD COHEN – “I’m Your Man”, PETER GABRIEL – “III”, ELVIS COSTELLO – “Get Happy” (which is #100), JOE JACKSON “Night and Day”, KATE BUSH “The Dreaming”, ROBERT WYATT – “Old Rottenhat” and THE SPECIALS “More Specials”.


Blogger Brian Ware said...

Well, everyone experienced the 80s from completely different perspectives and this list certainly reflects that. When you go from The Blue Nile to The Beastie Boys, you've pretty much covered it all. I guess "Thriller" was to be expected, but "Sports" by Huey Lewis? What, no soundtrack from "Flashdance"?

While we're in list mode, in my ongoing effort to keep everyone updated on what's hip, my latest Rolling Stone (please, make them stop) lists this year's 50 top LPs. I won't torture you with the whole list, but you might find the top 10 amusing -

1. TV on the Radio - "Dear Science"
2. Bob Dylan - "Tell Tale Signs - Bootleg Vol. 8"
3. Lil Wayne - "Tha Carter III"
4. My Morning Jacket - "Evil Urges"
5. John Mellencamp - "Life, Death, Love, Freedom"
6. Santogold - "Santogold"
7. Coldplay - "Viva La Vida"
8. Beck - "Modern Guilt"
9. Metallica - "Death Magnetic"
10. Vampire Weekend - "Vampire Weekend"

So how many do you have? Yeah... me neither. Still time to update our Christmas lists....

7:06 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

I've heard of 1/2 of the people on that RS list, Brian! Of course, the Dylan isn't a new recording...of course I have none of them, and would only possibly pick up the Dylan title (if it were used and, say, $3).

Yeah, Huey Lewis baffled me too. Guess it's just the Japanese sensibilities?

7:26 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

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4:07 AM  

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