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Thursday, December 04, 2008

A (Slight?) Shift

12-4-08 A (slight?) Shift

At the beginning of November, I got a new car – a Suzuki SX-4 Crossover – color: copper sunset (uh, orange-ish). This new car has a CD player. My old car (the Toyota) had a Sony MiniDisc player. All of a sudden, I am not making so many MD’s!

You will have noticed that I sometimes post “Playlists” on either this or my other blog. Might not be so many of them in the immediate future…What? “Is Ron back-burnering the vinyl?” Hey, nice / interesting vinyl is getting tough to find!

After giving it a long rest, we went back to the Pasadena City College (record collector) swap meet at the beginning of November. Yes, I found some nice vinyl (an Italian pressing of “Burnt Weeny Sandwich”!). But am I going to go back to Pasadena for either the December or January swap meets? Uh, probably not.

No, not planning on thinning out the vinyl at this time. But – I have been getting a heck of a lot more CD’s lately!

And 2008 is right on track – as of today, I have obtained 931 new pieces of music (on either vinyl or CD) – looks no problem to crack the ton. But other years, I have bought a lot more than this – closer to 2K, a few years back. But that was when you could find truckloads of interesting $1 vinyl!

And the overhead light in my music room isn’t working – the switch at the wall needs replacing, and I’m not an electrician. I work all day, so…too dark to go in there and play with my records with just a desk lamp! But I will get it fixed soon…I put a big lamp in there, in the meantime.

And I do always solicit and accept ‘suggestions’ on what topics to write about…

At home, my ‘hoarding’ has bordered on mental illness – I have so much stuff! And I am guilty of having some boxes of ‘paper’ at a storage unit, awaiting my time. If I don’t remember what’s over there – how important can it be? Hey, what’s all this stuff? What are all these print-outs? Why? How?

Definitely planning on continuing my blog – but…may have to ‘start again’ and re-launch it freshly in January (or something). Re-visit some topics, too.


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