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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Train of Thought

11-15-07 Back to Monday’s / Tueday’s Train of Thought

OK, just trying to wrap my head around my perfect collection of 18,250 titles – for my 50th birthday next August. In Portland, OR. Does it throw the whole thing off if I buy, like, 40 CD’s on that trip?

A while back – in a fit of Eternal Cosmic Boredom – I thought I was going to hand-write an encyclopedia of 20th century music. I bought a nice blank book (made in Germany) in Toronto, and commenced the project – but only got as far as…well, the Eternal Cosmic Boredom subsided. Now I’m using this lovely blank book as a journal, but I’m also drawing in it.

It would be much better to write a themed book, rather than an encyclopedia, wouldn’t it? But how much call is there for the topics on which I feel I am qualified to write about? “The History of New Zealand 80’s New Wave”, “Les Francais – Les Annees FM” ( = The French, 80’s New Wave”), “Toshio Nakanishi – Annotated Discography”, “Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders – Annotated Discography”, “Track Record U.K. – Annotated Discography” etc.

I could write all of those books. And I would want to. Silly as that may be.

“Redemption Through Music” is what my autobiography should be called. Not that I feel even the slightest bit ‘redeemed’. Grumble, grumble – “I gave the music business the best Goddamn 20 years of my life!” etc. And I wouldn’t want to talk about the music business per se – more like ‘my life, as dictated by music’. My rambling infatuous hallucinations have entranced blog readers since ’02 – even if I do tend to repeat myself every now and again. But do we smell ‘book’ here?

I am so old fashioned. Mr. 21st century schizoid man wants a book. I made LP’s in the 70’s and 80’s, even got a (real) CD made of “horNetZ”…but the ‘collected writings’ are, at present…uncollected. All those magazine / newspaper articles, liner notes, discographies…

Whine whine whine – get out of your lazy bed and write about music again, you bloody fool !! ~

OK, sorry.

For tomorrow, I’ll try to cook something up that’s easier on the eyes / brain. I am not always my most inspired, sitting at my desk at work – where I write most of this shit. The smallest tangent pulls me every which way…


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