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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another 'lost' post / Lilac Time / Stephen Duffy

This is the 2nd post I've "lost" recently - earlier this week, I lost a John Cale post (that I remembered writing). Today, I can't even find an index for what was written for today. Still, I'm going to post anyway - as today means a new 'month index' in blogger.

So, live and direct - been playing
Lilac Time CD's when I rest in th evening - best one lately was "Astronauts" and the single "Dreaming" from '91. "Looking For A Day In The Night" didn't make as much of an impression on me. Odd, I always seemed to prefer Stephen Duffy's solo works to the Lilac Time - but now I can barely tell the difference between the two. It seems possible to me that I could "obsessively collect" his works, but...seems like a lot of other people already engage in this activity.

He never came to the U.S. and played at all, did he? I mean, since dropping the "Tin Tin"...I would've loved to see him in concert around the time of "London Girls" ( = the "Duffy" CD from about '95).

And I have yet to buy any of his expanded re-masters, though I'd like to. So, Indolent Records went out of business, and that's why I have an Australian copy of "I Love My Friends"? And it seems like there's one of his 12" singles that I can't find - and that's because there's a doubt that it even got released?

= = =

Welcome to November. I have some silly stuff planned for November, for the blog.


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Duffy

I've been a big fan ever since grabbing that "Kiss Me '85" video from you eons ago. I had seen the album and wondered. It sure looked like a great record, with his cocksure pose on the cover it all but dared you to buy it. When I saw you had "Kiss Me" on video it was a chance to sample his wares and I wasted no time in securing my copy of "The Ups & Downs" to a life of Duffy fandom.

I also like his solo records somewhat bettter but I was blown away by the Swordfish release of "The Lilac Time." At the time I was buying a lot of records through a dealer who was also into Duffy and Colin [Black] Veanrcombe so it was easy to get everything. But by 1990 the dealer stopped selling and things got a little more dicey. Goldmine to the rescue!

My fave rave Duffy records are in no order:
The Ups & Downs
Because We Love You
The Lilac Time
I Love My Friends

I actually have an Indolent copy of "I Love My Friends" which I gather is scarce as hell. I've never seen another copy turn up. I scored mine on ebay easily enough at the time.

Yeah, I was gobsmacked when I went to Duffypedia and saw there was a "mystery" single, "Baby Impossible" and it also had a Nevilel Brody sleeve to further mock me! Things like this drive me nuts! And yes, it was never released.

I also obsessively collect Associates/Billy Mackenzie and the "Country Boy" single was released, as far as I can tell. I've seen real images which are not promos unless someone on the web is pulling my leg. But I'm a pro at faking images and these look purely legit. I've never seen one I could buy, though. And of course it has a unique track on it! Even worse is his "Pastime Paradise" promo-only siingle. It will always keep my collection striving for perfection which cannot be reached, dammit!

5:19 AM  

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