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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Happy Birthday!

11-14-07 Happy Birthday

Today is my GF’s birthday. She doesn’t usually read this blog, so I can say whatever I want to. In January, we will have been together for 10 years. How time flies!

Shortly after we got together, she turned me on to Tortoise, the Chicago-based instrumental band. I told her they sounded like This Heat or Hatfield & The North – she was not familiar with either artist. That’s OK.

She listens to more “new music” than I do – so it’s because of her that I am familiar with Tahiti 80, LCD Soundsystem etc. – artists that I really like! She is also very helpful to me by finding stuff I am looking for, on my behalf, in the record stores of the world.

And she is the most patient woman on Earth, as far as I am concerned. She went with me to “Progfest” a few years ago, so I could catch up with old friend Aad Link (the manager / tour manager of Supersister). She just loved that finally she was at a concert where there was a line for the men’s room – but not for the ladies’ room!

I believe Charlie Watts (or Bill Wyman) of The Rolling Stones once said something to the effect of “25 years of rock & roll is 20 years of waiting around”. Nobody knows this better than my GF. Record Surplus in Los Angeles is a superlative record store – it has public restrooms, but – alas – nowhere for the patient GF to sit as I endlessly rummage through the $1 bins upstairs. Damn it, there needs to be more chairs in record stores! (To attempt to be egalitarian, I am very patient with her in rubber stamp / paper stores – which seldom have restrooms or chairs – for male patrons).

So, what can I say? She’s fair, compassionate, funny, a good sport, she likes to walk, she can sing, she’s great with a yo-yo – in short, she’s wonderful. To me. And that’s what counts (to me).

I said “good sport” – sometimes we spend Sunday mornings watching DVD’s of “Countdown”, the Australian 70’s music TV show. She eventually came around to liking Ian “Molly” Meldrum – I didn’t put (very much) any spin on it, Molly was taken at face value. I wonder how much Garry McDonald / Norman Gunston she could take? (I’ve taken her to see Barry Humphries several times, I might add).

I’ve used my ‘special record collector powers” on her behalf – doing my best to find her every Connie Francis and Elvis Costello record on Earth. We’ve hit the glass ceiling with Connie – all that we’re missing are the original 50’s and 60’s 45 picture sleeves, er, with about a million of them around at $12 - $25 a pop. So, we’re not necessarily going to go there. I even made her an Elvis “list” (for the Palm M125), trying to cut down on accidental unnecessary duplications.

So, happy birthday, sweetie! Thanks for a groovy almost 10 years. I hope you have a nice day today. Love, Ron


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Female Companionship to Record Collectors

My wife had the same "Progfest" experience the first time we saw King Crimson on '96! It pleased her to no end! My wife has seen Tony Levin live more times than I have - gulp!

And yes, she will help me with the bins and has pulled many a gem, though there are always collections that have not yet manifested themselves outside of my skull - so I try to keep her informed of targets I want to hit. She can usually stay about an hour in a record store before hse has to move on, but an hour is usually more than enough to get what you need, unless you really luck out.

I REALLY lucked out when I met her in '95. Of course, we kept attending the same concerts and we finally met and then, the next thing you knew we were a couple.

I've helped her with her Hall refrigeratorware collection over the years and while her collector's fervor has gone away, almost. Mine still shines brightly on the stuff that matters - music.

I didn't know Dorothy collected CF. I have some material but she probably has it already. The only obscure thing is the Brylcreem album. If she doesn't have it it's hers!

10:20 AM  

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