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Friday, September 21, 2007

LCD Soundsystem

Here's a "written live" blog for you.

Last night, I saw LCD Soundsystem at The Hollywood Bowl. They were the opening act for Canadian band "The Arcade Fire". Pictured above is the split single they were selling.

I was surprised that LCD Soundsystem was actually a band, and not a "laptop affair". Their (rather electronic) two albums sound "laptoppy" to me. Anyway, they were quite good, very hypnotic at times. They played mostly stuff from their 2nd album - notably, they did not play their 'breakthrough single' "Disco Infiltraitor" (from their debut album).

And they've been keeping me busy lately - their recent (released) record was a single for "All My Friends" - the 7" version has a version of the song sung by no less than John Cale! But it's only on the 7" version. The CD Single has somebody else singing the song - Franz Ferdinand? So, different singers for all formats. Gee, I wish the John Cale version was on a CD, too.

The Arcade Fire, on the other hand, seems to be in the process of becoming very popular. I didn't mind their album "Funeral", but have yet to warm to their newest CD, "Neon Bible". It seemed like there were about 10 people on stage. I noticed a wide variety of instruments, too - as though they were high school kids in a rock band who didn't leave their 'band instruments' in the lockers at school over the weekend.

The Hollywood Bowl lets you bring in whatever you want to eat and drink. We took the shuttle bus from the L.A. Zoo, $3 round trip. But you have to wait for the end of the show, before you can catch the bus that takes you back to your car. Seems convenient, but I feel a bit tired today - good thing the show was on a Thursday, so only really the Friday at work is 'wrecked'.

It's acting like fall in Los Angeles - getting a bit cooler at night. Might have to get out that blanket in the other bedroom real soon.


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