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Friday, July 13, 2007

George Melly

George Melly passed away recently, aged 80 - in England. I found "Revolt Into Style" by accident in the 70's, and loved it. Shocked, I once again noticed Melly on a Stranglers 45, "Old Codger" (which Melly, indeed, was!). Later (early 80's?) I discovered Melly had made LP's under his own name for Warner Brothers Records in England, under the supervision of Derek Taylor! Well, being only an iffy Anglophile (I haven't been in 17 years) - I only have 2 of the 3 LP's (still missing an original UK LP of "Nuts" - yes, they're on CD now). I can't wait to find some secondhand copies of Melly's memoires; there are several volumes - I bet they are a fascinating read.

= = =

I am playing CD's by Manfred Mann (Mk II), and loving them. They're right up near the top in the UK sweepstakes - up amongst The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who - the great stuff. Of course, my tender age makes me very fond of the following wave of UK greatness - Traffic, Procol Harum, Cream...we'll get back to 1972 shortly, folks. I've got to write some more of 'em!

These days, I am 'doing' a lot of CD's - taking the summer off from vinyl, perhaps? I didn't buy very much vinyl in Japan recently, just some Michel Polnareff 45's.

As I have now properly mentioned George Melly, I must also mention Boots Randolph, who passed away while I was in Japan. He was one rockin' dude. Check out "Percolator"!


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Boots Randolph

Yeepers! I had no idea he died! He was a favorite of my mom. I remember he was pretty omnipresent on TV variety shows in the late 60s. But it's hard to think of "Yakity Sax" without associating it with Benny Hill.

8:22 AM  

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