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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Back from Japan! / Godley & Creme

Hi Everyone!

I got back from Japan safely. It was a fun two weeks. Email me, if you want to see the list. Been going through everything for a few days now - trying to match up kami sleeves (i.e. little paper album cover CD's) to re-issues from Europe etc. Finally got "Goodbye Blue Sky" by Godley & Creme on CD - but how do the bonus tracks of the Japanese kami sleeves match up to the Demon/Edsel UK re-issues? Silly me, I neglected to get a kami sleeve CD for "History Mix Vol. 1" - I realize that the Japanese issues may have different / more bonus tracks. Gee, and I hope the Japanese fixed the mastering flaws on the re-mastered 10cc kami sleeve CD's I got! And never expected to see a kami sleeve CD for Hotlegs! Sorry to bore you with 10cc talk...

Are the 1972 listings OK? Please feel free to send in some more suggestions for topics!

Kind regards,

Ron K


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