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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Releases 1972.05.08

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 8, 1972

Caught my eye:

JANIS JOPLIN – In Concert (Columbia C2X-31160) double LP

WALTER CARLOS – Sonic Seasonings (Columbia KG31234) double LP (LP)

CONCEPTION CORPORATION – Conceptionland (and other states of mind) (Cotillion SD 9051) (LP) (CD)

DAN HICKS AND HIS HOT LICKS – Striking It Rich (Blue Thumb BTS-36)

DR. JOHN – Gumbo (Atco SD 7006) (LP (CD)

Posthumous Janis Joplin. Synthesizer atmospheres from Wendy Carlos. I heard Conception Corporation on the radio, actually (KPFK!). Old-time music from Dan Hicks. Genuine ‘gumbo’ from Dr. John, a classic album.

Also of interest:

EDDIE HARRIS – Instant Death (Atlantic SD 1611) (CD)

GODFREY DANIEL – Take A Sad Song (Atlantic SD 7219) (LP)

DON CHERRY – Eternal Rhythm (MPS 20204)

DON “SUGARCANE” HARRIS – Fiddler On The Rock (MPS 20878)

Mostly jazz here – records it took me w while to get around to. Took about 25 years for me to try Godfrey Daniel!

Notable singles:

JADE WARRIOR – Barazinbar (Vertigo 106)

ELTON JOHN – Rocket Man b/w Suzie (Dramas) (Uni 55328)

AMERICA – I Need You b/w Riverside (Warner Brothers 7580)

CROSBY & NASH – Immigration Man (Atlantic 2873)

JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH – Troglodyte (RCA Victor 48-1029)

WAYNE COCHRAN & THE C.C. RIDERS – Somebody’s Been Cuttin’ In On My Groove (Epic 5-10859)

Yet another Vertigo 45. Hit singles for Elton John and America. That fun Crosby & Nash 45 I mentioned yesterday. Nice funky R&B hit for Jimmy Castor. Near the end of the line for Wayne C. & The C.C. Riders – but a good song anyway – I wonder if the 45 deletes the ‘drug’ references?



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