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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The House is on Fire! - Part 1

There was recently a large fire in Griffith Park in Los Angeles. A friend of mine lives near there, and may have had to evacuate. Not a good reason to think about it, but…what if you could only take 100 titles from your ‘about to be consumed by flames’ home? What would they be? I wrote this list fairly quickly. My choices are mostly vinyl.


Frank Zappa - “Freak Out” (Verve US, mono, freak map) not on CD

Frank Zappa - “Absolutely Free” (Verve US, mono promo, libretto) not on CD

Frank Zappa - “We’re Only In It For The Money” (Verve US, mono promo, insert) not on CD

Frank Zappa - “Lumpy Gravy (Verve US, stereo)

Frank Zappa - “Cruisin’ With Ruben & The Jets” (Verve US, stereo, inserts) not on CD

Frank Zappa - “Hot Rats (Bizarre US) not on CD

John Cage - "Indeterminacy" (Folkways US 2LP box, with book)

Split Enz - "Mental Notes" (White Cloud NZ vers.)

Leonard Cohen - "Songs of" (autographed) (Columbia US)

Doggerel Bank - "Silver Faces" (Charisma UK) not on CD

Pete Brown - "The Not Forgotten Association" (Deram UK) not on CD

Basil Kirchin - "Worlds Within Worlds, parts 3 & 4" (Island UK) not on CD

Barry Humphries - "Sandy Agonistes" (Score AUS) not on CD

Tea & Symphony - "An Asylum For The Musically Insane" (Harvest UK)

Michael Garrick Septet - "Black Marigolds" (Argo UK)

Ivor Cutler - "Who Tore Your Trousers?" (Decca UK)

Hajime Tachibana - "H" (autographed) (Yen JPN) (the CD is pictured, but I would take my original promo LP)

Sir John Betjeman and William Bealby-Wright - "Manxman - the Poems and Letters of T.E. Brown" (Argo UK) not on CD

Eleanor Bron - "Babar The Elephant and other stories" (Bronze UK) not on CD

O.S.T. - "Bedazzled" (stereo copy, Peter Cook & Dudley Moore) (Decca UK)

O.S.T. - "You Are What You Eat" (Columbia US)

O.S.T. - "Starstruck" (Mushroom AUS) not on CD

T.S. Bonniwell Music Machine (Warner Brothers)

Crazy Casey - "The Beast & I" (Polydor NL) not on CD

Part 2 tomorrow


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