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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Not on vinyl?

Earlier, I ruminated about whether or not EMI (anywhere in the world) was going to make a vinyl version of the ’06 release by The Beatles, “Love”. If they do not, then it will be the first high profile Bealtes release to not be released in a vinyl edition. Somehow, I think they have to. The last studio album by The Rolling Stones “A Bigger Bang” was an unwieldy 4LPset, the ’06 Who release “Wire & Glass” was an LP package, too. Pete Townshend’s “Scoop 3” was a mail-order only multiple LP set – but it exists!

Going from vinyl to CD’s and back to vinyl – did some stuff get lost in the shuffle? I’ve never seen a vinyl version of the ’94 Traffic re-union album, “Far From Home”; I’ve never seen or heard of a vinyl version of Townshend’s “Psychoderelict”. 1994 seems to be the cut-off point – when things absolutely didn’t get an ‘automatic’ vinyl release. I remember working in a record store in the mid-90’s, and I always got requests for LP versions of popular (and not so popular) artists’ new works. I remember being surprised that a special order for Bob Dylan “Biograph” (1985) as a vinyl package actually arrived!

Another iffy title in the vinyl universe – “Tales of the Brothers Gibb” – the venerable Bee Gees’ boxed set. I am told it exists, but…I do not have one, never seen one…

Seems like the ‘new vinyl’ phenomena is tapering off for me – last one I can remember buying was 1994’s “Chasm” by Ryuichi Sakamoto or “It’s all Around You” (2004) by Tortoise (their recent boxed set didn’t come on vinyl, did it?).


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

My last "New Vinyl" goes back to 1986. Either a German WEA Black mini-LP with his 2 singles of material comped to ride the coattails of his then-mega "Wonderful Life" or possibly the UK LP of Stephen Duffy/Dr. Calculus' "Designer Beatnik." Every other piece of vinyl [and there has been a substantial amount, especially in the must-have-vinyl years of 92-02 where I was buying vinyl like it was going out of style - come to think of it, it did.] I've let into the collection since then has been 2nd hand.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

I must've made a mistake, "Chasm" by R. Sakamoto isn't from 94, it's from 04.

7:51 AM  

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