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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Music Videos

As some of you may know, I spent the better part of the 80's playing with music on videotape. I am presently examining the collection, and dubbing down (up?) the small portion of it that I am interested in preserving / conserving. I started this project in the fall of '05, and it is in the status of ongoing concern.

MV-09 February 26, 2007

CAPTAIN BEEFHEART – David Letterman interview, ‘82
THE SLITS – Spend Spend (’79)
ROCKPILE – Teacher Teacher (’80?) Nick Lowe
DAVE EDMUNDS – Almost Saturday Night (’81)
LOVE & MONEY – Candybar Express (’86)
GRACE JONES – Honda TV Commercial #1 (’85?)
THE BEAT – Too Nice To Talk To (’80)
GRACE JONES – Honda TV Commercial #2 (’85?)
RICK JAMES – Give It To Me Baby (’81)
THE BUGGLES – I Am A Camera (’81)
ART OF NOISE – Moments In Love (’83)
SHRINK – Valid Or Void (’79)
IT BITES – Calling All The Heroes (’86) Francis Dunnery
JIM BLASHFIELD – Suspicious Circumstances (’85?)
MASAMI TSUCHIYATokyo Ballet (’85) Ipppu-Do
THINKMAN – The Formula (’86) Rupert Hine
THINKMAN – Best Adventures (’86) Rupert Hine
VIRGINE ICARD – Kalas (’84?) Roland Bocquet

Then, excited, I made:

MV-10 February 26, 2007

PHILIP GLASS – Saturday Night Live, 3/22/86, 2 songs
LAURIE ANDERSON – Saturday Night Live, ’86?, 2 songs (stereo)
KATE BUSH – Saturday Night Live, ’78? (Them Heavy People; The Man With The Child In His Eyes) mono

TOTP reel - nearly all are 'lipsynchs' ( = L/S )

JAPAN – Quiet Life (9/81)
HEAVEN 17 – Play To Win (9/81)
XTC – Senses Working Overtime (2/82)
MIKE BERRY – The Sunshine Of Your Smile (’80)
GRACE JONES – Private Life (’80)
KIM WILDE – Kids In America (’81)
THE PASSIONS – (I’m In Love With A) German Film Star (’81)
MADNESS – Return of the Las Palmas 7 (’81) instrumental
FREEEZSouthern Freeez (’81)
JOHN FOXXEurope After The Rain (9/81)
SQUEEZE – Pulling Muscles From A Shell (5/80)
ROXY MUSIC – Over You (5/80)
THE BEAT – Mirror In The Bathroom (5/80)
PETER GABRIEL – No Self Control (5/80)
TEARS FOR FEARS – Mad World (11/82)
BLANCMANGE – Living On The Ceiling (11/82)
MADNESS – Night Boat To Cairo (4/80)
BARBARA DICKSON – January February (4/80)
THE SELECTER – Missing Words (4/80)
B.A. ROBERTSON – Kool In The Kaftan (4/80)

- Ron



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see the SHRINK Video of "Valid or Void"
is it possible for you to Post it on Youtube?

Greets from Germany: Mr_Martin

5:04 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Sorry, I do not do You Tube.

7:37 AM  
Blogger renegadechic said...

Bit of a grave dig but if you happen to have a better quality copy of the Valid or Void video than the one currently on youtube then Shrink himself would likely be very interested since he doesn't actually have a copy beyond a rip of the youtube video! If you would be at all interested in passing it on I'd be happy to put you in touch!

4:46 PM  
Blogger renegadechic said...

oh also i saw on another post you wondered if Shrink did more. well, there was another single called I Am A Doll, and a 10" EP with Silver Genes as the lead track. Silver Genes was also done as a 7" promo i think.

aaand whilst I am at it, have some links :)


which is some mp3s :)

4:53 PM  

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