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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dalek I Love You

So, thinking about Dalek I Love You this morning. Last weekend, I found two more singles by this Liverpool band - and it got me to thinking about their discography. I never knew that they had singles on Vertigo, before Back Door, I never knew that Phonogram England made a CD of their debut album (with those singles added to it).

Of course - being from Liverpool - the Daleks are tied up with Orchestral Manoeuvres and Teardrop Explodes. I wonder if DILY's Andy Gill was in the band when I saw TDE at the Whisky A-go-go in Hollywood, once upon a time? There's a page up on the internet that pretty much gives a lot of DILY details...I was surprised to find that I still had the EP by a band called "Godot", a 10" record. I do not think I knew it was DILY members - presumably I kept it for 25+ years because of a very tenuous connection to OMD?

The pictured DILY sleeve was the first record by them I ever got - and it is probably my favorite track. I will definitely be playing their two LP's this week sometime. Nope, I do not think I have any videos by them.

- Ron


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