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Thursday, February 01, 2007


2-1-07 February…onwards!

On the last day of January, 2007 – I had “Jury Duty”. I took my MD walkman and listened to some sampler discs from 2004 – the stand-out track was The Rolling Stones “Dandelion” – a wonderful bit of psychedelia to hear when you’re sitting amidst a whole sea of people who do not want to be where they are. In the car on the way there and back, I was listening to Elastica (“The BBC Sessions” CD). The day really wrung me out, so I didn’t really listen to much once I got home.

This morning, I drove to work listening to The James Taylor Quartet, “Message from The Godfather” (2001) – lovely instrumental ‘acid jazz’ (think a modern day Booker T. & The MG’s or even The Bill Black Combo – but with a smokin’ Hammond organ up front!).

I’m planning a summer vacation – so I will likely not be buying many new LP’s / CD’s in the immediate future – but just watch! With both a PCC record swap meet and the twice-a-year Claremont LP swap meet coming up soon – more new titles may soon appear!

My summer vacation? Likely it will be Tokyo – again. It will be my 10th visit to Japan! Yes, I have a “Japanese domestic artist” want list.

On my playlists of late, there was been a lot of Britfunk – Shakatak, Level 42, Freeez. I still don’t know much about Shakatak, apart from the fact that their drummer (Roger O’Dell) used to be in C.M.U. (I love their 2nd album, “Space Cabaret”).

- Ron


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