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Friday, March 06, 2009

Pretty much indefensible?

3-6-09 Groups / artists you like that are pretty much indefensible? [see: Spandau


People have often made fun of me for being a progressive rock fan. I do not really collect any prog rock artists fanatically, however. Oh, yes – I do buy variant pressings, search for singles etc. The only place I don’t feel like a freak for liking progressive rock is Japan! My GF had such fun teasing me, after I spotted a poster of the cover of the first King Crimson LP down a hallway, and it turned out to be a prog rock CD store (I knew it would…)

I can state with certainty that I am rock solid with the first three Black Sabbath LP’s (“Black Sabbath”, “Paranoid” and “Master Of Reality”). Hey, I grew up with these records – it did not matter to me when they became deathly unfashionable during the 80’s – I kept all of my original pressings! I bought CD’s of them! I happily went to the “Never Say Die” live show without a hint of irony (that’s the other Black Sabbath LP I will defend 100%).

I love the Irish / Scottish band Stump – I’ve joked that there are no female fans of Stump – but I’ve not met all that many male fans of Stump, either!

The largest collection I work on is that of the works of composer Frank Zappa. There are those who do not see any value in his works, but I ain’t one of those. Some would consider him to be indefensible, I suppose. It’s true – some of his works are less than stellar, but…I remain a life-long fan.

I’ve bought some Vangelis CD’s. Is that indefensible? I have always really liked his “L’Apocalypse Des Animaux” soundtrack – it’s a Vangelis record that is not riddled with sequencers!

I’ve got a few country & western interests that at least some of my friends would find indefensible! I bought the Jimmie Driftwood Bear Family (Germany) boxed set! I own a 16CD (again, Bear Family) Jim Reeves CD boxed set. An’ I got a truckload o’ Ernest Tubb LP’s!

More than a few of my friends snickered when I went for Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders in a big way. Sure, Wayne went the way of lots of folks who get on the “VFJ” (Voice For Jesus) trip, but I don’t care. I sent some of my LP’s down to Florida and my good friend Brian got ‘em all signed for me. Have you got a Wayne Cochran autograph? The Raven (Australia) CD is good, but I want everything by W.C.!

And we’re all fans of Jerry Murad & The Harmonicats, right? (silence) Right???


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

I don't think I would call Stump indefensible. Unpopular, definitely! Heck, I was looking for that album for long years and finally found it during the Ron-Kon NW-PAC tour of 2008! Would I want the boxed set. Maybe. I should probably get it now while it's affordable and worry later about whether it was a "wise" purchase.

I like early Bananarama. Some would consider them indefensible to serious music fans, but was I ever one of those? Not past the age of 16, probably!

9:55 AM  
Blogger Brian Ware said...

While Mark Moerman is certainly on board with me, I know that my Al Stewart fandom remains somewhat puzzling to my other music buds. I was okay with the first two Bangles albums, but was really put off by their "Eternal Shame" single. I did enjoy the comeback LP, but only by skipping any track sung by Susannah Hoffs.

I've stood alone on the hilltop singing the praises of the early 80s Stiff Band "Dirty Looks" for nearly 30 years now. Chas finally bought their anthology at RON-KON. Am I still the last fan standing?

I've also enjoyed the early work by ex-Monkee Michael Nesmith. Hard to explain - I just loved it then and still love it now.

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Jim Donato said...


I can't put Al Stewart down. Goodness knows, his top 40 hits I am familiar with stood head and shoulders above the pap I was being force-fed on US top 40 radio growing up. The classy Hipgnosis covers didn't hurt either.

5:56 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Bananarama...indefensible. Though, I don't mind their 45's with Fun Boy Three.

I'm not much of an Al Stewart enthusiast. That is a result of my years working in a hippie record store. He'd put a new record out, and somebody would come in the store, just to replace their "Year Of The Cat" - acting like he'd never followed it up.

Dirty Looks - just never heard 'em. Anything on Stiff has some intrinsic value, however.

I remember Nesmith's music videos...but not his music.

6:46 AM  

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