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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I have recently began to participate on a website called “45cat”; actually:

This is a British website, and it is focused on British 7” singles. Right up my alley! I strongly urge you to take a look at this website, and see if it appeals to you. It seems they are determined to discover how many 7” singles have been released in the UK. Uh huh!

I will start with adding some scans of labels that I collect: Island, Harvest, Charisma, Track, Fly, Vertigo etc. I have a sneakin’ suspicion that this website will be most useful for preparing ‘want lists’ of British 7” singles. And I’ve got nearly 1,800 British 7” singles! But I’ve already learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t already know by browsing through this neat website. They have already answered my question about an obscure Track Record B-side etc. And I spotted a non-LP Procol Harum B-side that I did not know about!

They say that they have approx. 36,000+ UK 7” singles already listed! Wow, it’s as though somebody entered an entire “Music Master” into a database! But the cool thing here is that everything posted is supposed to be verified by a site member. We all know that there is tons of stuff that exist exclusively in printed (and on-line) catalogues…

I looked at a list of the members of this website; am I the sole American? My user name is “45RK09”, so I am first on the user list!

All of this gets me thinking…someone should do the same for British LP’s!


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