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Friday, February 27, 2009

Back Up To Speed?

2-27-09 Back up to speed?

As of the end of February ’09, I am averaging 108 new music titles per month for 2009. If this keeps up, I will top out at around 1,296 titles for the year; more than I averaged in 2008!

Well, for February – the list of singles I posted yesterday goes somewhat to explaining how I can buy so much stuff – almost all of those were 4 for $1, 7” 45rpm singles.

The two Yes oddities were also most amusing – the “Your Move” promo 45 is just the first half of “I’ve Seen All Good People”, never going into the fast, electric part! They just turn it up and fade it before the fast part starts! And “Run With The Fox” by Chris Squire and Alan White, from ’81 – where’s the whole LP? Damn, it’s a promo 45, so I do not even know what the B-side is!

And dig the non-LP studio version of “Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar” by Commander Cody & The Lost Planet Airmen! I had never even heard of that!

I recently bought the last remaining Rolling Stones CD I didn’t have (that I wanted), their debut album. I suppose if my funds were unlimited, I would go for the deluxe Japanese editions with paper sleeves…but I’m not there yet. Really, for bands like The Stones and The Who – it’s all about ‘editions’. I recently saw a listing for a deluxe Japanese boxed set for the 2nd Who album, “A Quick One” – that would be really cool – but what’s in it? Mono, stereo, US / UK versions and a fistful of out-takes, B-sides and alternate versions in a nice expensive (Japanese) box? We know the quality would be good…SHM-CD’s, no doubt. And probably an AC:2 DVD.

Still haven’t downloaded anything – no plans to do so. What a disappointment that they didn’t “turn off” the analogue television last 2/17 – like they said they would! Guess I get to wait a few more months to turn my DVD recorder into a fancy piece of bogus high-end audio.

It’s February 2009, and I’m driving around in my car listening to a 1990 CD of a 1967 album by the Strawberry Alarm Clock. Sounds like a description of an unlikely dream, eh, readers? $3 at the swap meet last weekend. It’s only 10 songs, but the price was right, and it had the handful of tracks I wanted, “Tomorrow”, “The Birdman of Alkatrash” etc.

Tomorrow night, we’re going to go see the Philip Glass / Leonard Cohen show in Claremont, CA. I know it’s real, but they seem like an unlikely pair! (Last week, The Necks were fabulous!). No more live music viewing plans for right now…

Please feel free to email me (or leave in the comments) any requests for music topics you like me to write about. March should be very interesting...


Blogger Warren Bowman said...

The B-side of "Run with the Fox" is and instrumental with the brilliant title of "Return of the Fox"

11:01 PM  

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