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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What’s in Your CD Wallet?

2-18-09 What’s in Your CD Wallet?

I have several CD wallets – the car I got last November has a CD player in it. Today, I am bringing a 2nd CD wallet into my car. It contains:


DR. STRANGELY STRANGE – Kip of the Serenes (re-master)

LINDISFARNE / ALAN HULL – self-made compilation

PAUL McCARTNEY – self-made compilation (songs I like, from ’70 forward)

SONNY CLARK – Leapin’ and Lopin’ (re-master

HUGH HOPPER – Hoppertunity Box ( + some cuts from “Monster Band”)

“F” – a full disc of artists beginning with “F”

“H” – a full disc of artists beginning with “H”

GONTITI – two whole albums on CD, noted as ’88 & ‘90

LIO – self-made compilation (1st album etc.)

V.A. – “Cole Porter” and “Muddy Waters” (made from various artist CD’s)

SPLIT ENZ – self-made compilation (Phil Judd material)

V.A. – “2/09, mostly Japanese pressed CD’s”

CORDUROY – The New You! (Japanese edition)

V.A. – “SHM-CD Samplers” (made from 2 diff. sampler CD’s)

ISAAC HAYES – Hot Buttered Soul (SHM-CD re-master)

ARTHUR BROWN’S KINGDOM COME – Galactic Zoo Dossier (re-master)

THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – A Hollywood Dream (re-master)

L’AFFAIRE LOUIS’ TRIO – self-made compilation (2nd album + singles)

SERGE GAINSBOURG – self-made compilation (60’s material)

This is what I will be listening to over the next few weeks in my car. This is in addition to another (full) CD wallet that already resides in Mr. Suzuki.

So, what’s in your CD wallet? Or have you moved beyond taking a CD wallet into your car? (I should go out to my car and get the other wallet, to see what I’ve been playing over the last few weeks, eh?)


V.A. – Help! (The Lennon & McCartney Songbook) (Japanese comp. of western artists covering The Beatles)

PETER GABRIEL – I & II (only 1 song is missing, to make the 2 CD’s fit on 1 disc)

ANTHONY MOORE – Out / Flying Doesn’t Help

FRANK ZAPPA – Wazoo ’72 (a 2CD set boiled down to a single disc)

POP MECHANIX – dub of a CD-R that is all of their ‘79’/80 demos, singles etc.

DAVID BOWIE – self-made compilation (’76 – ’80)

STUMP – single disc of highlights from “The Complete Stump” 3CD boxed set

BOB DYLAN – Bootleg Series, Vols. 1-3 (sampler CD of material of interest)

THE DEVIANTS – Ptoof! / Disposable and as much of #3 as would fit

V.A. – Lieber & Stoller works (Drifters, Coasters etc.)

QUEEN – Boxed set of 3” CD singles put onto a single disc

MANU DIBANGO – CD’s designated as ’92 and ‘00

V.A. – CD compilation by Mark Moerman called “The Other Side Of Glam”

RICO RODRIGUEZ – Man From Wareika

BONZO DOG BAND – CD of bonus tracks from the 5 x re-mastered CD’s

V.A. – Ultra Lounge (Sampler Disc made of all of Vol. 1 and ½ of Vol. 2)

IAN DURY – self-made compilation

KENJI SAWADA – Julie Best 17 (a self-made compilation, early 80’s material)

V.A. – White Bicycles (Joe Boyd compilation – “Making Music In The 60’s”)

SCRITTI POLITTI – self-made compilation (“Cupid & Psyche” and “Provision”)

SONNY CLARK – Cool’ Struttin’ (plus whatever of “Trio” would fit)

DEREK & THE DOMINOS – Layla (from the not re-mastered 2CD original ed.)

RINGO STARR – self-made compilation (“Ringo” and “Goodnight Vienna”)

So, this is what I drive around listening to. Sometimes, I feel compelled to make compilations; a lot of times, I will make a disc of something I have been reading about. I’d like to do more of my alphabet series – those are always fun to navigate!


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Wow! You burn a lot of comps! I only burn comps of disparate rare material (often from vinyl) into the traditional BSOGs. At most, I'll do Consolidiscs of singles. I have made only a handful of comps that are just that, and they've all been for you! Do you at least use CD-RWs? I typically will burn a new project to CD-RW for "car testing." I find the car listening environment is best for finding out if I hit all of the noise that I could have gotten when mastering from vinyl. When it passes the "car test" then I will dupe final masters.

I was just listening to the Frazier Chorus rare disc I made TEN YEARS AGO and that was before I knew about all of the tracks I still need to do it right. I have to admit, that 1st 4AD 12" sounded sweet! I still need to get a few more FC records before I can wrap it up in a tidy package (probably 2 discs) and BSOG it.

5:04 AM  
Blogger Brian Ware said...

I do plenty of comps for friends and family. I don't have a CD wallet for my truck. Selecting a disc or two for my day's travels is part of my morning routine. I enjoy comps that my daughter makes me of her generation's songs. She's got a pretty good ear, and it's interesting hearing her taste evolve over the last couple of years.

12:33 PM  
Blogger chas_m said...

I of course am the heathen here, as I connect my iPod to the car stereo to listen to music. I do occasionally make CD-R comps -- just did a 3CD set for my wife's store "musak" system -- but iPods are great for listening to "random tracks" (which I'm most often in the mood for) as well as albums.

Albums currently in heavy rotation are:
Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement (remaster)
Bill Nelson - Vistamix
Amazing Blondel - Restoration
Ramones - Rocket to Russia
Talk Talk - The Party's Over
Roy Orbison - The Very Best Of

6:44 AM  

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