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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Playlists; DVD Recorders, Headphones etc.

10-14-08 Playlists; DVD Recorders, Headphones etc.

I’ve been trying to put my playlists in order. Somehow, I have found that they were “out of sequence”, so I have created playlists for the ‘missing’ numbers (I am numbering them, at present; with a plan to re-start the numbering series in January).

It is most amusing to me to collate my playlist info in an Excel spread sheet – which songs have repeated? Etc.

When I post my playlists to this (or my other) blog, it generally doesn’t get much reaction; maybe you’re familiar with none of what I’ve played (or everything I play?) – but, despite the lack of reaction, I enjoy posting them. I’m not into preparing a ‘podcast” (although I’ve had offers by friends to post any of my playlists. It would mean burning a CD, and mailing it to whoever has volunteered.

I have strenuously avoided any uploading / downloading of music, thus far. For one thing, I do not have a ‘good connection’ to the internet (still ‘dial up’, folks) – as DSL is (apparently) not offered for my number / neighborhood at this time. And I strongly dislike the reality of YouTube – I spent a lot of time getting high quality dubs of interesting music video – I just can’t see squinting at a tiny box on my computer monitor to see a low-resolution image (with ‘computer speaker’ sound, to boot).

Not that I have remained terribly interested in burning DVD’s of my music video collection. It’s easy enough to burn DVD-R’s of (good quality) laser discs…but a lot of what (still) interests me are things that I have had as PAL VHS tapes over the past 20+ years. And my ‘standards converter’ fried a few months ago!

So, looks like I’m stuck in the 20th century. I play my records and make Sony MiniDiscs of selected tracks (generating playlists), I sometimes fire up my Sony SuperBeta SLHF-2100 and watch some old tapes – no, Mr. Beta isn’t connected to my computer or DVD Recorder (I wish the new digital tuner DVD Recorders still had hard drives in ‘em!)

I still enjoy listening to music. These days, it seems like I do a lot of my serious listening in my car (Sony MiniDiscs, again). I amused at the re-run aspect of an iPod – music in uncomfortable headphones! When the Walkman (cassette) was new, I used to love sitting in trains, with my headphones on…so I guess it’s only natural that a current generation enjoys some sort of similar snobbishness. I really don’t do a lot of headphone listening of any kind these days. In the 70’s, my heavyweight Sansui headphones were responsible for forever pressing my ears flat to my skull, as I blasted them with King Crimson LP’s, turned up to 10.


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