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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Big Song List etc.

10-7-08 Big Song List

I have always made a lot of “Mix Tapes” (MiniDisc in the modern age), and a while back, I started keeping track of everything I put onto those discs. Individual playlists get dumped into a big Excel file – ah, list-making fun! So, here’s what the start of my Really Big Song List looks like…all told, it’s over 3,000 titles!

101 STRINGS – I Am A Rock

101 STRINGS – Spinning Wheel

101 STRINGS – Taste of Soul, A (Les Baxter, arr.)

10cc – 18 Carat Man Of Means

10cc – Art For Art’s Sake

10cc – Blackmail

10cc – Channel Swimmer (B-Side of “I’m Not In Love”)

10cc – Clockwork Creep

10cc – Dean & I, The

10cc – Dreadlock Holiday (Live)

10cc – Film Of My Love

10cc – Good Morning Judge

10cc – Head Room

10cc – Hot Sun Rock

10cc – I Hate To Eat Alone (45)

10cc – I’m Mandy Fly Me (“How Dare You?” LP)

10cc – Iceberg

10ccL.A. Inflatable

10cc – Nothing Can Move Me

10cc – Rubber Bullets (single vers.)

2 SOURCE – Pressure, The (“L’Eveil” CD ’95)

50 GUITARS – Tangerine (LP)

5TH DIMENSION – Stoned Soul Picnic (45)

5TH DIMENSION – Workin’ On A Groovy Thing

5TH GARDEN – Cooking

A CAUS' DES GARCONS – Faire Les Voyous (45) Alain Chamfort

A CAUS' DES GARCONS – Pas Envie D’Expliquer (45) Alain Chamfort

A CERTAIN RATIO – Backs To The Wall (7” version) ’89

A CERTAIN RATIO – Bootsy (“Force” LP)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Do the Du (CD) “Early” (recorded ’79)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Faceless (“The Graveyard & The Ballroom” LP ’79, issueD ’04)

A CERTAIN RATIO – I Need Someone Tonight (7”) ’83

A CERTAIN RATIO – I’d Like To See You Again


A CERTAIN RATIO – Kether Hot Knives (12”)

A CERTAIN RATIOMickey Way (12”)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Spirit Dance (“M.C.R.” LP)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Starlight (“Fila Brazillia Versus A Certain Ratio” CD Single ’03)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Turn Me On (M21 Remix)(12”) ’93

A CERTAIN RATIO – Wild Party (12”)

A CERTAIN RATIO – Wild Party (LP) '85 “Letter To Brezhnev” O.S.T. version

AARDVARK – Very Nice Of You To Call

ABC – Be Near Me

ABC – How To Be A Zillionaire

ABC – That Was Then, But This Is Now (’83)


ADAMSKI – Killer (featuring Seal)


AGAR, PAUL & THE SET – Beat The Night (NZ 45)

AIR – Cherry Blossom Girl (12”) ’04

AKKERMAN, JAN – Pavane (LP) “Live” (’78)

AKKERMAN, JAN – Revival Of The Cat

AKSAK MABOUL – The Mooche; Vapona, Not Glue

ALAN BOWN, THE – Thru The Night

ALAN, BUDDY – Chains (LP) “Chains” (’75?) Buck Owens’ son

ALANSKI, JAY – That’s How The World Is Turning Now (“The Price of Love” 2LP FR)

ALANSKI, JAY – Una Aventure Avec Toi (Ce Soir) (FR 45, '79)



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