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Thursday, October 04, 2007


10-4-07 Playlist (tentatively titled “White”)

1) MEIC STEVENS – Dwyn Y Lein (Stealing The Railroad)

Been reading about this Welsh singer in Mojo, Word and Record Collector lately

2) MAD PROFESSOR – Fast Forward Into Dub

On the “Womad: Europe” LP; I guess Mad Professor is…British?

3) GRAHAM NASH – Love Is The Reason

Playing lots of Steve Stills lately, so I thought I’d look for some Graham Nash

4) THE STRANGLERS – Fools Rush Out

Always a favorite Stranglers B-Side, and found on their “Rarities” LP / CD

5) KEN LOCKIE – Footsteps

The singer from Cowboys International solo album; a cut with John McGeoch

6) STEVE HACKETTRio Connection

Always look for the instrumentals, on 80’s Steve Hackett albums; they’re pretty good

7) SPANDAU BALLET – Coffee Club

Here’s a cut from “Diamond” that I couldn’t bring to mind, but I liked the title

8) MEDIUM MEDIUM – 7th Floor

Another great ’82 Britfunk band – from a “only released in Holland” 12” single

9) JOHN FOXX – Metal Beat

The former Ultravox singer, stating his intentions


I never know what to make of Entwistle’s mid-70’s works

11) RACHEL SWEET – New Rose

She covers The Damned! (Rather admirably, I might add)

12) 10cc – 18 Carat Man Of Means

Still haven’t fully digested 10cc – so I can find delights in B-sides etc.


Always pissed off that the Americans messed with the cover and track order of this LP

14) PHIL MANZANERA – Walking Through Heaven’s Door

Usually, I head for the Tim Finn songs – so this time I chose a Bill McCormack song


A favorite track (by John Greaves) from “Downtime”; I just think Peter Blegvad is cool

16) HEAVEN 17 – Honeymoon In New York

I recently got the re-mastered “Penthouse & Pavement”, and I saw that I still had this B-Side on the 12” of “Height Of The Fighting” – their shortest track?

17) JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE – Crosstown Traffic

Taken from a really super pressing, “Legacy” (Polydor Japan) – a great Hendrix single


After the debut album, I really just like his singles – like this one; produced by Tony Mansfield – I wish there was an easily obtainable CD of “Sensible Singles”

19) CANDY FLIP – Strawberry Fields Forever

Or “The Beatles Go Rave” – such a silly cover version

20) ROY HARPER – Male Chauvinist Pig Blues

Taken from “Valentine”, the album between “Lifemask” and “HQ”

21) BILL PRITCHARD – Romance Sans Paroles

Produced by Etienne Daho; Mr. Pritchard has at least 4 other albums


Anonymous Jim Donato said...


Wow! I've got about 1/3 of those tracks. Usually Ron travels much further afield than my tastes.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Can't stay esoteric all the time, Jim-san. BTW, yr pkg rec'd - direct hit! I love John Cale video, me!

8:14 PM  

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