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Monday, June 18, 2007

New Releases 1972.05.22

Phonolog Reports – New Releases

Week of May 22, 1972

Caught my eye:

JUDY COLLINS – Best Of (Elektra EKS-75030)

WALTER CARLOS – A Clockwork Orange (Columbia KC-31480) (LP)

ELTON JOHN – Honky Chateau (Uni 93135) (LP) (CD)

AUDIENCE – Lunch (Elektra EKS-75026) (LP) (CD)

Nice Best of for Judy Collins. Always did like her “Both Sides Now”. Not the soundtrack, but more synth music from “A Clockwork Orange” by Wendy Carlos. Decent studio album for Elton John – it sounds great, I just listened to the CD of it recently. The final Audience album (#4).

Also of interest:

SAILCAT – Motorcycle Mama (Elektra EKS-75029) (LP)

STEPPENWOLF – Rest In Peace (Dunhill DSX-50124)

ERNEST TUBB – Say Something Nice To Sarah (Decca DL 75345)

Novelty album for Sailcat (yes, the 45 was released this week too). The final Steppenwolf album. E.T. must’ve been signed to Decca / MCA for decades by the time this chestnut came along. He was alive (and signed to Decca / MCA almost until he passed away!).

Notable singles:

FLASH – Small Beginnings b/w Morning Haze (Capitol 3345)

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA – 10538 Overture b/w Battle of the Marston Moor (United Artists 50914)

DEEP PURPLE – Lazy b/w When A Blind Man Cries (Warner Brothers 7595)

EAGLES – Take It Easy b/w Get You In The Mood (Asylum 11005)

DAVID BROMBERG – The Hold-Up b/w Suffer To Sing The Blues (Columbia 4-45612)

STEVEN STILLS – It Doesn’t Matter (Atlantic 2876)

VIGRASS & OSBOURNE – Forever Autumn (Uni 55330)

THE HOLLIES – Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress b/w Look What We’ve Got (Epic 5-10871)

Good week for singles! I love the first three singles. Debut Eagles 45? David Bromberg with George Harrison – which version? That good non-hit Steve Stills 45. The debut of “Forever Autumn” which Justin Hayward would cover for the Jeff Wayne “War Of The Worlds” album in a few years. Hit single for The Hollies, 70’s style.



Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Wrong, Ron! It's a BAD week for singles when The Eagles infect the public airwaves with their California Drivel!!! I'm in a TESTY mood! Why??! Well, for a starters I hears "Witchy Woman" on the grocery store muzak this weekend and I aim to make you all PAY! Sure, sured. Lots of folks point to tracks like David Geddes' "Run, Joey Run" as the worst of the 70s but tracks like that at least have camp value! Th' @#$% Eagles just make me break out in hives - never worse than with the repugnant, "Witchy Woman!!!"

Jeff Lebowski - "I HATE the f*cking Eagles!!!'

9:23 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

I have no use for the Eagles either, Jim-san. Just time-date stamping it all. benchmarks.

6:37 PM  

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