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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


On my previous blog page, "20th Century Music" - I wrote about Henriette COULOUVRAT - and today, I got an email from her:

"i found myself on your blog
can u tell me how did u get 'rockin' on the red book' ????
i produced it with my composer roland bocquet
how did u know it ???
it's so great !!!!"

Well, Mlle Coulouvrat - I was a fan of producer Roland BOCQUET; I loved his album called "Paradia" and when I went to Paris as a young man (in 1979), I looked up Monsieur Bocquet in the telephone directory. I visited him and he gave me "Rockin' On The Red Book", a single that I have loved for over 25 years!

Is there a whole album of this kind of music? On another visit to Paris, Roland gave me "Ha Ha Can't You Take A Joke?"...I only found out about the Maxi tour (12" single) of "Yum Yum Goody Goody" a few years ago. Great stuff!

I lost touch with Monsieur Bocquet sometime after 1992 - I sent a letter to his home in Sevres, and it was returned to me...I am a big fan of this man's music - "Robot Rose", "Atlantide" (an unreleased album he played for me), "Robot Bleu" etc. I could find his music on "Koka media" CD's - but it seemed like the re-issues labels (such as Musea) have passed him by.

Thanks for the neat music, Mlle Coulouvrat! If you can put Monsieur Bocquet in touch with me, I would appreciate it!

Mille bizous!

Ron KANE a Los Angeles


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