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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Millennium Collections

2-5-09 Millennium Collections

What do all of these artists have in common? I own Universal US “Millennium Collections” (aka “20th Century Masters”) CD’s by them!

ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND POLYDOR US 547899.2 2000 11 TRK Collection

ARMSTRONG, LOUIS MCA US MCAD-11940 1999 10 TRK Collection

BAEZ, JOAN A&M US 490418.2 1999 11 TRK Collection

BROTHERS JOHNSON A&M US 490738.2 2000 12 TRK Collection

CAMEO MERCURY US 548097.2 2001 11 TRK Collection

COWSILLS POLYDOR US 549947.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

FOUR TOPS MOTOWN US 542214.2 1999 11 TRK Collection

FREE A&M US 490735.2 2002 11 TRK Collection

GRASS ROOTS, THE MCA US 112647.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

HALEY, BILL / COMETS MCA US MCAD-11957 1999 12 TRK Collection

HOWLIN' WOLF CHESS US B0000358.2 2003 12 TRK Collection

INK SPOTS, THE MCA US 112062.2 1999 12 TRK Collection

IVES, BURL MCA US 112656.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

JACKSON, JOE A&M US 490775.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

KING, B.B. MCA US MCAD-11939 1999 10 TRK Collection

LEE, BRENDA MCA US MCAD-70107 1999 12 TRK Collection

LEWIS, JERRY LEE HIP-O US 546736.2 1999 12 TRK Collection

LYNYRD SKYNYRD MCA US MCAD-11941 1999 10 TRK Collection

MAMA'S & THE PAPA'S, THE MCA US MCAD 11945 1999 11 TRK Collection

MINDBENDERS, THE UNIVERSAL US B0001725.2 2004 11 TRK Collection

OSMOND, DONNY & MARIE POLYDOR US 589996.2 2002 12 TRK Collection

PALMER, ROBERT ISLAND US 546556.2 1999 10 TRK Collection

PERRY, LEE SCRATCH / V.A. ISLAND US B0002518.2 2004 12 TRK Collection

PIERCE, WEBB DECCA US 112 442.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

ROBINSON, SMOKEY / MIRACLES MOTOWN US 153398.2 1999 11 TRK Collection

ROSS & THE SUPREMES, DIANA #1 MOTOWN US 153731.2 1999 11 TRK Collection

ROSS & THE SUPREMES, DIANA #2 MOTOWN US 157929.2 2000 11 TRK Collection

ROSS, DIANA MOTOWN US 159185.2 2000 11 TRK Collection

SAVOY BROWN POLYDOR US 882939.2 2002 11 TRK Collection


STEWART, ROD MERCURY US 546331.2 1999 12 TRK Collection

TEARS FOR FEARS MERCURY US 542492.2 2000 11 TRK Collection

TEMPTATIONS MOTOWN US 153362.2 1999 11 TRK Collection

THREE DOG NIGHT MCA US 112073.2 2000 12 TRK Collection

TUBES, THE A&M US 490766.2 2000 11 TRK Collection

WHO, THE MCA US MCAD-11951 1999 10 TRK Collection

YOUNG, FARON MERCURY US 170 205.2 2001 12 TRK Collection

These are the mid-line (low priced) collections that started showing up about 10 years ago. I picked up most of these for $3 – $5 each. Usually, they are 10 – 12 track collections – not long discs, but really to the point. And pretty good (uniform) mastering, too. There are probably another dozen titles in this series that I would like to get: Roger Miller, 10cc, Ernest Tubb, ABC, Kitty Wells etc.

Sometimes, it appears that they get lazy and merely replicate an existing “Best Of” (Jimi Hendrix – and it’s the short vers. of “Smash Hits”!!, Joan Armatrading, Ohio Players – for instance). Other times, they come up with an all-new assembly of material. (I got a Marvelettes one since I wrote this!)

And in their advertising, I love their taunt: “How many do you own?” – who can resist a challenge like that! I have more than 35 of ‘em!


Blogger Brian Ware said...

The 10cc set is interesting in that they dredged up the b-side "Channel Swimmer"!

6:45 PM  
Blogger chas_m said...

I've never been a big fan of "Greatest Hits" collections (or collections at all unless they're exhaustive -- REVO done spoiled me!).

At those prices, though, there's a few that would be worthwhile, particularly (for me) the "Joan Armatrading" one. I like Joan, but can't call myself a fan exactly -- I don't collect her stuff -- but have enjoyed many of her better-known songs. A good collection of her "best" stuff would be just about all I want from her.

5:10 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Only one that I've seen that's more than 40 minutes long is the Steve Winwood "20th Century Masters" - very interesting that a B-side cropped up in the 10cc volume. Must find a cheap copy! Joan Armatrading volume looks good, too.

7:02 AM  

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