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Thursday, August 16, 2007

"My Perfect Collection" #2

So now we reach a somewhat aesthetic question – OK, let’s take The Beatles for example. Because I grew up with The Beatles, the LP’s have an additional cultural cache for me – but, I suspect, in “My Perfect Collection” I would want the ease of CD’s – apart from the first four British albums – as of 2007, they are only on CD in ‘mono’, and all of the LP’s were released in ‘stereo’ – So perhaps the “Perfect Collection” of The Beatles would look like this:

Please Please Me (UK stereo LP – as no CD version is stereo)

With The Beatles (UK stereo LP – as no CD version is stereo)

Beatles For Sale (UK stereo LP – as no CD version is stereo)

A Hard Day’s Night (UK stereo LP – as no CD version is stereo)

A Hard Day’s Night (DVD)

Help (CD)

Help (DVD)

Rubber Soul (CD)

Revolver (CD)

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (CD)

Magical Mystery Tour (CD – contains unique remixes)

Mavgical Mystery Tour (DVD

The Beatles (aka ‘Double White) (2CD)

Yellow Submarine (CD – contains George Martin orchestral music)

Yellow Submarine Songtrack (CD – contains unique remixes)

Yellow Submarine (DVD)

Abbey Road (CD)

Let It Be…Naked (2CD – George Martin versions)

Let It Be (DVD)

Past Masters Vol. 1 (CD – collecting non-LP singles)

Past Masters Vol. 2 (CD – collecting non-LP singles)

Anthology Vol. 1 (2CD)

Anthology Vol. 2 (2CD)

Anthology Vol. 3 (2CD)

Anthology (5DVD)

4 LP’s, 10 DVD’s (a few of which do not yet exist!), 20 CD’s – alternately, I would have UK stereo LP’s for the 13 initial titles, and the double LP set of “Past Masters” – this would be a bare bones no B.S. Beatles’ collection.

So, what’s not here? U.S. versions / mixes, “Beatles Rarities”, “Let It Be” (Phil Spector vers.), “Live at Hollywood Bowl” (awful sound), “The Beatles Story” (US 2LP, never on CD), CD single / EP boxed sets, bootlegs (though “Ultra Rare Tracks” is interesting!), any collections…


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