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Friday, August 10, 2007

It's not my un-birthday!

That's right, readers - today is my birthday. Let's several postcards in the mail alerting me to this fact...some 'birthday cards' from my brother, my sister and my mother. A package arrived from Jim D., but I won't open it until I open all of my presents - later today.

I remember telling several websites etc. that today is my birthday - but...nothing lurking in my in-box this AM. Why do they ask, unless they're going to send you a birthday email or somethin'?

You may have recently received an email from me noting my 'gmail' address. You can use this address to contact me, or you can continue to use my yahoo or earthlink addresses. I can scarcely believe that I've had the same (original) email address for over 10 years now! Yikes!

So, my birthday thus far has included having an espresso, checking my gmail, big glass of water...gotta get ready for work - yes, I go to work on my birthday! I think I'll dress in yellow today. I got some yellow socks in Japan, recently.

Lately, I have been listening to John Mayall ("The Turning Point" re-master), Andy Newman ("Rainbow"), the Pete Townshend devotional 2CD set "Jai Baba", The Sensational Alex Harvey Band ("The Impossible Dream"), the LCD Soundsystem 45 with John Cale on it ("All My Friends"), Max Miller ("That's Nice, Maxie!") get the idea - business as usual.

So, I'll have a new 'proper' post on Sunday evening. I'm off to the Firestone-Walker Brewery in Buellton, for the festivities. Don't forget: RK-50-PDX-08!

- Ron Kane, affectionately


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