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Thursday, August 09, 2007

All my venting

All of my Venting

So, yesterday, I vented a bit about how I wanted to get rid of some of my stuff – which is completely true. But, of course, it introduced – yet again – the idea of having a “perfect collection” – what I mean is a “perfect collection for my experience” – a perfect collection for me. My perfect collection might not be your perfect collection, y’know?

One of my ‘busy guy’ pass-times is re-sorting my music list – eliminating some aspect of it, just to see how it looks – how it appears to me, if – for instance – I took away my 45 collection. Seems like a good idea to have just CD’s, and try to get rid of all vinyl – but then I hit the stumbling block of wanting the actual pop culture artifact – the original record (or whatever). The desire to have everything be as factual, original – REAL as possible. In search of the most complete, accurate experience. The original note(s), the way it (they) were originated by the originators. It’s certainly almost anal retention, in a mentally abstract form.

I have often joked that my ‘dream come true’ would be to have my favorite bands play for just me, in an optimum setting. A good example of this would be to have a small nightclub (where only you and yours friends could go – no ‘public’ allowed!), fully staffed, full bar – top notch P.A. system – and years be damned! I want to see the Sensational Alex Harvest Band – preferably playing their entire “Vambo” show – or maybe a little after that (always been partial to “S.A.H.B. Stories”!). The band will play their show at the height of their powers, I’ll get to buy them all drinks…in other words, a perfect night.

So, a “perfect collection” is at least one original record for every desired title – and then a digital copy thereof. The original piece is required, as it is presumably ‘as the artist intended’ (artwork and sound). When an original artifact is not available, a Japanese LP or CD (just love those new little paper album cover CDs!) is acceptable. Guess I should make a list.

Uh oh! That list would probably keep changing – if you were me. I continue to be curious about stuff – and it seems like I am constantly chasing stuff that is “new to me”.

Even in the last decade, I have decided that new stuff belong in my “ultimate collection”: David Bowie, The Monochrome Set, 10cc / Godley & Crème, Soft Cell, The Bill Black Combo, The Harmonicats…will I ever be able to come up with the definitive list?

Just trying to think my way through getting rid of some of the vinyl / CD’s I have amassed – while keeping as much music as possible. Or something like that, As long as I can go into record stores, I will likely continue to be attracted to cool stuff – that’s unusual, priced-well, in perfect shape etc.


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