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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Alan Price

Alan Price (approx. ’66 – ’89)

* = I do not have this title

1966 The Price To Play (Decca UK LP) mono

1967 A Price On His Head (Decca UK LP) stereo

1968 The Price Is Right (Parrot US LP) stereo (taken from the above two titles)

1971 Fame and Price – Price and Fame (with Georgie Fame) (CBS UK LP) *

1973 O! Lucky Man! (Warner Brothers UK LP)

1974 Between Yesterday and Today (Warner Brothers UK LP)

1975 Metropolitan Man (Polydor UK LP)

1975 Performing Price (Polydor UK 2LP)

1976 Shouts Across The Street (Polydor UK LP)

1977 Alan Price (Jet UK LP)

1977 Two of a Kind (with Rob Hoeke) (Polydor UK LP) possibly NL LP? *

1978 England My England (Jet UK LP) issued as “Lucky Day” in the U.S.

1980 Rising Sun (Jet UK LP)

1980 A Rock & Roll Night At The Royal Court Theatre (Key UK LP) *

1982 Geordie Roots (MWM UK LP) *

1982 Andy Capp (Original Cast) (Original West End Cast UK LP) *

1986 Travellin’ Man (Trojan UK LP) *

1987 The Whales of August (Varese Sarabande US LP/CD) *

1989 Liberty (Ariola UK LP/CD)

Everyone is familiar with the work of Alan Price – even though you may not think you are. He is the organ player on the hit single by Eric Burdon & The Animals “House Of The Rising Sun” – see, you’ve heard Alan Price. Mr. Price did not stay in The Animals for long, however.

Truth be told, next time he’s on my radar was when I saw him in the Lindsey Anderson film “O! Lucky Man!”, about 1974 or so. Price appears in the film as himself – but his real starring role was as the composer of the film’s music. The soundtrack LP is just fantastic – sounds like The Beatles…or Elton John, depending on how you take it. It’s a short LP, but every song is great. GREAT. I wish this movie would come out on DVD – it’s a wonderful film, too. Malcolm McDowell’s work in this film is great.

I saw Alan Price live at the Santa Monica Civic auditorium, likely around 1978 or so. I wondered (like so many others) whether or not he would play anything from “O! Lucky Man!” – I needn’t have worried – he opened with it!

As his LP’s after “Rising Sun” were on smaller British labels, I never knew about them until recently – apart from the “Liberty” CD that was available when I lived in England in 1990. So from ’66 – ’80, I have all of his major work, apart from his two ‘duet’ albums. I’d like to find the rest of his albums. And there are tons of Alan Price Set (mostly) 60’s singles I would also like to find and / or hear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron - dont forget Alan Price hanging out with Dylan in Don't Look Back.


6:42 PM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Very true, JB. And I was just reading something about that...perhaps on the Alan Price website.

I never knew Mr. Price did a second soundtrack for Lindsey Anderson, "Whales..."

6:46 PM  
Blogger Holly A Hughes said...

Ron -- Always glad to run into another Alan Price fan; these days it's surprise even to find someone who's heard of Alan Price. If you seriously want to connect with some Alan Price aficionados who might be able to help you with completing your collection, we've got a fansite at You've missed out on some excellent albums, some of his best work ever IMO. Some of it is available on Amazon, though, especially A Gigster's Life For Me, where he returns to the blues that started him with the Animals. His keyboard playing is still incredible!

Check out my blog, especially during the month of April when I wrote an entire week's worth of daily entries on Alan!


9:06 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Thanks, Holly! I will check out yr blog!

6:13 PM  

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