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Monday, May 07, 2007

Mystery CD!

So, I'm in a store, looking through the Japanese CD's. I pretty much recognize everything. I don't read Japanese well. I spot an unusual spine - the "Bellwood" logo - hey, I have very cool Haruomi Hosono CD's on that label! The CD is inexpensive, and I buy it. However, I do not know the title from the artist - can't read Hiragana! So - either the group or the title is "Romantic Machine" ( can read Katakana!).

My curiosity gets the better of me; I email a Japanese friend who lives in Singapore, and beg his indulgence to tell me what it is. The title is, in fact, "Romantic Machine", the CD is a recent issue of a 1976 Japanese LP - and the group is called "Tonarikinjyo" ( = "Neighbor" ?) Really looking forward to listening to this CD on the way to work this morning. I sure like the cover!


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