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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

M (Robin Scott)

Robin Scott (aka "M") made one of the more charming "new wave" singles of that era, "Pop Muzik" - it was a decent hit, even had a nice music video made for it. Sire records did the honors in th US. I ignored it largely - it was on the radio. I certainly never heard any of these albums at the time. What a shame! When I finally did hear these three, I rather enjoyed them!

Not having even looked at these albums until the mid-90's, I never knew about the people who played on 'em, otherwise - let's just say I would've been all over 'em. For starters, I just love Wally Badarou - I love his work with Level 42, and his solo albums. I didn't know he worked extensively with Mr. Scott! Phil Gould (also Level 42), Gary Barnacle, Mark King (Level 42 again!), David Vorhaus (of White Noise!), the wonderful Brigit Vinchon (aka Brigit Novic) (his female vocalist of choice)...and then we get to the third album, "Famous Last Words".

I don't think the 3rd album got a British release at the time, but I bet it got a Japanese release! This album features no less than Yukihiro Takahashi (of YMO), Barry Adamson (of Magazine), Jamie West (of The Fixx), Thomas Dolby, Nick Plytas etc.

So, "Pop Muzik" indeed. I didn't go for the next two CD's in the series, a hard-to-find 4th album of African music and a "Best Of" - I've already got a 'best of' CD (on Music Club) which is pretty good, giving me the single version of "Pop Muzik' etc.

Now it's 2007, and we see he gets the "little paper album cover" ( = kami sleeve ) treatment in Japan. In Japan, he's probably most famous for either "Pop Muzik" or his collaboration with YMO's Ryuichi Sakamoto, "The Arrangement" (a 4 track EP). I believe he's also on Sakamoto's "Left Handed Dream" LP. I saw Scott on "Rage", the Australian music TV show, and he seemed like a nice enough guy (an early 80's TV show that was re-broadcast recently). Last year, I found a CD of his 'hippie' (late 60's) album, "Woman From The Warm Grass" - sure never knew about that one!

Razor & Tie did at least one or two CD's by "M" in the 90's, but they're out of print and fairly difficult to find - these Japanese CD's answer at least one "prayer", with Scott's work again available on CD. The new Victor Japan kami sleeves are great sounding and looking.


Blogger the world of next tuesday said...

I'm sure all 3 got British releases as I think that's what I have the third LP on. I don't think the third one got a U.S. release though I've not reseached it. I remember in an 80s interview - which unfortunately I've forgotten the source of (Music Technology U.S. or EM&M UK ??) someone asked Sakamoto given his fairly lengthy list of collaborators if he ever had difficulties collaborating, perhaps implying a language problem (before he moved to the U.S.). Surpisingly he said (only) Robin Scott was very difficult for him to work with.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My 3rd album is a US Sire copy.

10:17 PM  

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