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Monday, March 26, 2007

Schwann Record Catalog, 1965

This one's going out live, typing it right before posting it - no proofreading etc. So, forgive.

The vibe / info came from my brother. I have but one brother, 10 years my elder. I owe him a lot. He helped make me this way. He's who showed me the Schwann Record Catalog.

I think the logic was something along the lines of "Keep two issues per year, and get the supplemental issues whenever possible". For the 60's, I only have 2 issues per year. I've been told they are worthless, but I am aware that they are priceless. Well, somebody keeps (e(vil)bay) bidding against me (and winning) for copies of Schwann catalogs that I am "missing".

These catalogs hold the secrets of the universe! They were a written confirmation that the crap sloshing around in my brain was taken seriously somewhere by someone - who wasn't me! If it's not such a good (nice) hobby, how come they publish catalogs of it and sell then in record stores?

Ah, behold the hi-fi enthusiast! They guy who wants the stereo records, who will pay an additional dollar to get those two channels!
Living Stereo! It took years for me to care about stereo - hey, mono was a dollar cheaper! There wasn't a "stereo" in my home until maybe 1969 anyway - it would've been a "hi-fi"...stereo was for headphones. My daffodil-like ears are pressed tightly to my skull, thanks to (Made In Japan) Sansui headphones of the 1970's!

Don't talk to me about QUAD, er... 5.1 ...
Hey, Jimi, gimme the gimmix!

I had
mono Frank Zappa LP's, mono Rolling Stones LP's, mono Beatles LP's...what else was on offer?

Tortured by inner sleeves, I sought solace in the Schwann Record Catalog. I broke the spines, writing
Harmonicats discographies; Sue Thompson discographies; if only these encyclopedias of bliss listed 45's! (That's why I love the Phonolog sheets! 45's, baby!) - Smith Corona typewriter, yellow legal pad, Rolodex cards. Patience. Inquiring minds want to know!

Was this how I put 'order' in my otherwise 'messy' universe, writing discographies instead of playing outside, riding my bike or becoming well-adjusted? Flesh & bones, this one. O my brothers & sisters!

With love,



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