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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Phonolog Reports – New Releases
Week of April 12, 1971

Caught my eye:

JETHRO TULL – Aqualung (Reprise MS 2035) (CD)
– Broken Barricades (A&M SP-4294) (CD)
– Real Live (Reprise MS 2036)
– Tobacco Road (A&M SP-4300)

I already had an import of this Jethro Tull album; This is a wonderful, fantastic Procol Harum album (my favorite 70’s PH LP!) – again, I already had a UK copy; There is a variant (illegitimate?) MGM issue of this John Sebastian album (with a different cover); I believe this Spooky Tooth LP is A&M’s first issue of the material from their debut 60’s album (which Bell has previously done the honors in the US).

Also of interest:

GUESS WHO – Best of (RCA LSPX-1004)
– City of Gold (Reprise RS-6442)
(Captiol SVBB-680) 2 x LP
– Retribution (Deram DES-18055)
– Survival (Captiol SW-764)
– When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (RCA LSP-4506)

Guess Who LP came with a day-glo poster; PBS had been on the obscure ESP label; HHF were licensed out to Island (in the UK); I had the debut Clark-Hutchinson LP, “A=MH2”, also on Deram; a guy down the street had the GFR LP (I thought the cover was dumb); I thought Jerry Reed was cornball then (but now I kinda like him!).

Notable singles:

HUDSON & LANDRY – Liquor Store / Hippie & The Red-Neck (Dore 855)
– Feelin’ Alright / I Want Freedom (Captiol 3095)
– Love / Coal Tattoo (RCA 74-0463)
– Albert Flasher / Broken (RCA 74-0458)
– What You See Is What You Get / Here’s To Forever (Hickory 1596)

I collect both Sue Thompson and Billy Edd Wheeler – possibly Wheeler’s RCA debut and the Sue Thompson 45 is still in the pre-MGM Hickory numbering series; So, “Albert Flasher” was the single to go with the Guess Who “Best of”!; Hudson & Landry were L.A. radio comedians (Emperor Hudson!); This is the debut single for GFR’s “Survival” LP (Still before their big singles chart success(es) of the 70’s).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ron, your blogs (both the Files and 20thCentMusic) are mesmerizing reads. I look forward to reading your Phonolog commentaries from '71. What is most valuable to me about all of your music writing is your autobiographical grasp of the details of acquiring, finding, making aesthetic connections, wandering into "hippie record stores," etc. Your judgements and taste (in yard lists/playlists, etc.) are always great to read (and are pretty much spot-on), but the personal details are what keep me coming back for more. There's an entire social history you're tapping into of what it was like to experience music in the 70's, back when information was scarce and a single Phonolog sheet or three-month-old Melody Maker could provide enough clues to keep you going for weeks. No one else has ever really written about this, and it's utterly fascinating. So: more stories of record stores and teenage music epiphanies, please!

(And while you're at it, couldn't you find someone to put out a nice official boxed set with all the Decayes stuff? If the LAFMS guys can do it, surely you can too, right? I'd much rather pay $75 - $100 for something legit that you'd get a cut of the money from than have to either a) settle for less-than-optimal mp3's that people are file sharing or b) pay through the nose for originals on eBay. Maybe Steve Stapleton could hook you up with one of the indie labels he works with--you know he's going to be meeting/greeting at Amoeba on April 5, right?)

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Re: Jerry Reed

Before the Burt Reynolds era, Jerry Reed was an extremely funky country sanger! I always loved "Alabama Wild Man" and "Amos Moses" was funky enough for Tony Joe White! Like with Neil Diamond, I'll defend his early years to the death!

6:19 AM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...


When You're Hot, You're Hot! He even got some Jack Davis cover art!

Anonymous -

Thanks for the compliment(s). I doubt anyone (anywhere) would pay for a Decayes CD box. I got one guy to pay for a proper CD of "horNetZ"! No plans to go re-acquaint myself with Mr. Stapleton @ Amoeba; I was always friendlier with Hemen P. of NWW. The LAFMS box rocks, dude!

- Ron

7:32 AM  

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