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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Author! Author!

Hi there,

I'm Ron - the guy who writes all of this stuff. Here's a photo of me taken late last year in San Francisco's Japantown Mall (photo by Dorothy Daniel). Looks a little pumpkin-y to me (the setting, not me!).

Lately I've only been posting Playlists and Yard Lists - which are my reality, in the music world. Truth of the matter is, it's been busy around here - and I have not been feeling terribly motivated, shall we say. I've had my favorite friends visit here over th last few weeks, and I am planning yet another visit to Japan.

But what I am saying is: I am always happier with my blog (of music writing) when I get some reaction from the folks who read it. I know not many people are exactly enticed by my lists - so, I'll throw the floor open: What shall I write about? What would you like to see / hear / read from me?

The only artist I've really been curious about lately is Andy Ellison - I dearly love the "Jet" album on CBS, the first "Radio Stars" album, and his work with "John's Children" - I also have his Track 45, "It's Been A Long Time" and I saw him interviewed in a Marc Bolan documentary from British TV - so I presume Mr. Ellison still walks the Earth. Andy, if you're reading this - i love your stuff!

But - let's have it! What shall I write about???

Thanks for reading my stuff - you are why I write it all down.

- Ron


Blogger Karl said...

The evolution of shirt collars in music?

8:39 PM  
Blogger Ron Kane said...

Bigger, smaller, Nehru, bigger, bigger, smaller...

8:49 PM  

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