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Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Year; The History of this Blog

New Year; The History of this Blog

As some readers may know, this blog was started in July, 2002 at the suggestion of my friend Warren. At that point, the word ‘blog’ wasn’t even in ‘popular use’. It was computer-geek talk. I initially called it “20th Century Music”. I retired it a few years ago, after making a big list of everyone who influenced me, and I told of how I found most of the music that I liked. A real mouthful.

“The Ron Kane Files” was the new beginning, shortly followed by “Music Life” – but ML was a blog designed to post lists – what I bought, what my playlists are etc. And my Flickr site takes care of a lot of the visual aspect of my ‘blogging’. I have my “Perfect Collection” (of CD’s) posted there – a list that is, of course, never finished.

So, what’s up for the “Ron Kane Files” for 2009? I’d love to invite regular reader / commenter / commentor (??) Jim Donato to join me in coming up with some new trains of thought, but…Jim-san is a busy guy. I guess I should just be pleased that he reads and comments, when applicable.

I enjoy formulating my thoughts, as regards “The Perfect Collection” – How big is it? What formats? Etc. As previously stated, I have a CD version of this up on Flickr (I’m used “ rk-dd “, if you want to look it up) – but by no means definitive.

I take a look around and see tons of stuff around here. Phonograph records, cassettes, videotapes, CD’s, betas, 8mm’s, 45’s, paper / print…man, how did I get so much stuff?? Oh yeah, from being in the pool for 50 years. I can co-credit both my dad and brother for steering me towards recorded music; my mentors, if you will. Dang, I ended up with a lot of it! How am I going to get to all of it (again) before I croak? The ‘big list’ is over 22,000 titles. I have “over-collected”.

There is always the serendipitous feeling when I already have something that I become interested in. A good example would be: I hoarded all the TRA Project stuff for years – then I totally got into Toshio Nakanishi, and I already had most of the stuff that would’ve been impossible to find, 10+ years on! Bingo!

The most seriously over-hoarded collection was my music videos – more than 20,000 of them – on videotape of varying formats (PAL, SECAM, NTSC, ¾” etc.) I more or less gave up on music video about ’98 or so. These days, I am content to buy legit music DVD’s that clean up material of interest. I made a few volumes of my own, however. Seemed odd to boil my giant video collection down to 10 or so 90 minute volumes…

Never got that Sony Hard Disk machine. I guess if I wanted to pull single songs off of CD’s to keep, I could burn CD’s of ‘em, perhaps make a MiniDisc too. In the old days, it would’ve meant making both a cassette and a reel-to-reel of an LP I was planning on selling.

It’s 2009 – let’s listen to some music and talk about it!

- Ron


Blogger Brian Ware said...

Seemed odd to boil my giant video collection down to 10 or so 90 minute volumes…

As the years roll on I also find it interesting how indifferent I am to music video after such enthusiasm in the 80s and 90s. While I was never as hard core as you and Jim, I remember how diligent I was staying up late to tape so and so's performance on Letterman or SNL. Once I could burn DVDs, I dubbed a few laserdiscs, VHS tapes and made a couple of various artists samplers, but I have a hard time imagining wanting to sit down and watch an hour of Ultravox or Duran Duran promo clips at this stage of the game. I can remember wishing years ago that they'd do a proper XTC clip collection, but to be honest, it would be no big deal to me now. I'd much rather listen to the music.

The last few DVDs I've purchased have been live concerts, and that's more of where my visual interests lie for now.

7:35 PM  

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