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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Frank Zappa

5-6-08 Frank Zappa“Lonely Little Girl” b/w “Mother People”

Regular readers of my blog know that I am a big fan of Mr. Zappa. I found this wonderful 45 in the 70’s, likely at the Capitol Records parking lot record collector swap meet – Yes, I have both a stock copy and a promo copy – and I paid no more than $5 for either. Trainspotters note: It’s Verve VK 10570, likely a ’68 release. Mono.

I have a lot of 45’s by Mr. Zappa – and I even have a lot of Verve label 45’s by Mr. Zappa…but this one is easily the best. I remember slapping it on – and having my entire existence thrown into a whirlpool. There is music on this 45 that is not on any Zappa LP or CD, even in 2008. The A-side, “Mother People”, is as found on “We’re Only In It For The Money”, a record I openly acknowledge as my favorite LP ever released. It’s re-edited and is a snappy song in any event. But the B-Side…

“Lonely Little Girl” is, in fact, both “Lonely Little Girl” and “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance”. To make the transition from one song to the other, there is a new key change towards the end on “LLG”, a new snork and…remember the “deedel deedel dee” part in “Clothes”? This is different – can’t recall as I sit here if it’s more or less, but it’s DIFFERENT. And the end of the song? A new instrumental vamp that I have not heard before or since – on any other Zappa record or CD.

And for anybody interested, the ‘mono version’ of “We’re Only In It For The Money” is a killer, too. Lots of acoustic guitar, many different edits etc. Some of the other Verve 45’s have some unique edits, but – the “LLG” 45 actually has new music – by one of my all-time favorite bands / artists.

At the prices these 45’s go for in the new century, it’s unlikely you will find a copy of this for under $100+ - but it’s worth whatever you have to pay, if you are a big Zappa fan.

And I love these songs! To say that they’re part of my DNA is an understatement. You have to go to “Mothermania” if you want to hear the somewhat uncensored “Mother People”, but you need this 45 to get the whole “Lonely Little Girl / Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance” message.

I have long-threatened to assemble a ‘master version’ of “We’re Only In It For The Money”, including all the different mixes, edits etc. – I loved finding the Canadian issue of “We’re Only In It For The Money” complete with the “Velvet Underground” ‘shitty’ quote from Gary Kellgren included! Maybe the ZFT (Zappa Family Trust) will make a 40th anniversary edition 4CD boxed set of “We’re Only In It For The Money” – with all this stuff added. Yeah, right!

So, an absolutely killer 45 from my favorite album, complete with non-LP information. It doesn’t really get any better than this, folks. And I have both U.S. versions of it (stock copy and promo copy). They are in my all-time Top 5 of records to take with me, if the house is ever on fire. Are they Numero Uno? And what are the other records in this guy’s Top 5 of 45’s?


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