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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Michael Piper, R.I.P.

I just read about Michael Piper's death from an
email from Gnosis.

I knew Michael Piper too. I remember his store in
Hermosa Beach - I was in high school, and I believe
I already knew Charlie Miller, too. I thought the store
on Pier Ave. was called "Zipper Records" - Michael
sold me my "Spring" (Neon NE 6), my Il Balletto di Bronzo
45 "La Tua Casa Comoda" with pic sleeve - and a roll
of hot progressive rock posters (Le orme, Il Balletto Di Bronzo,
Robert Wyatt etc.) - I remember a little bit of erratic
behavior, but...nothing that ever affected me negatively.
I saw him later in Santa Cruz, CA but I don't think he remembered
me. I always hate it when "one of us" has to go. Alan Watts
would tell us all to not worry about Michael. He's fine now.
Ron Kane, Los Angeles


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