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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The final blog of 2007

It’s (almost) Christmas Day On The Internet! (unless it's after Xmas day...)

Well, Hola, readers! How were your Xmas Eve Tamales? Sabrosos, Picante y Caliente?

The Ron Kane Files blog will be taking a rest over the next few days – as I go off in search of new and unusual LP’s & CD’s in Northern California – the San Francisco Bay Area, in fact – including San Jose, Santa Cruz, El Cerrito etc. So many record stores, so little time – no, wait…there aren’t that many record stores anymore! At least I get to go to some up North that I don’t get to visit as often as, say, Record Surplus or Amoeba Hollywood.

I’ll be back in early 2008 – full of hot air, as usual. Sorry for re-running so much stuff in December – can’t mine for gold without digging up some sludge! I want to personally thank each and every reader for reading my stuff.

“Our Man In Comments”, Mr. James S. Donato, thank you! Your comments are the single best thing about this blog, as far as I am concerned. We will meet in less than 8 months – after, what, about 25 years now??? Remember, RK50PDX808!

2007 rocked for me – Jury Duty! Tokyo! All my friends are turning 50! Solvang! S.L.O.! Agnes Van Anderson (aka ‘Peanut’)! DJ Doma Beer Market (2 times, that I can recall)! Weight loss! eBay Sales! My car is still running! Etc.

My ‘trends’ of the year – definitely #1 is going to Japan and buying tons of kami sleeve ( = little paper album cover) CD’s; finally breaking down and paying for re-mastered CD’s by Elton John and Cat Stevens. No ‘monster concerts’ in ’07 for me – no visits this year from John Lurie / Lounge Lizards, Hermeto Pascoal or Scritti Politti. Probably the best thing I saw play live in ‘07 was LCD Soundsystem. No 'record of the year', as yet. Really liking Bob Dylan & The Band "The Basement Tapes" - it only took me 32 years to play my double LP of it!

The cast and crew all need identifying and punishing, but most request their anonymous status; Thanx: Dorothy, Dana, Mott, Joe C., Bob G., Gary S, the aforementioned Jim D., Yael ‘n’ Laszlo, J.B., David Z. (& Liz), Ken H., Rick S. (& Michelle), Mark M. (& Barbara), Brian W., Chas ‘n’ Heather, Gilles Y., Pieter B., Ken G., Terry G., Frits J., the staff of “Rare” Nakano, Chabe, Hisayo, Hideki K., Osamu, Wes O., Cary, Tom, Warren & Marta, the staff of D.G.S., Karl; Steve & Liz = Peanut etc. and near countless pen-pals and sycophants all over the known universe. Better get a lawyer, you’re gonna need a good one to get you outta this one!

See you in 2008!


Ron Kane

Long Beach, California

(Pictured: Bob Dylan EP I bought in Portland, OR in '06 - I am still amazed!)


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