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Monday, November 03, 2008


11-3-08 Organization – “Tone Float”

Kraftwerk before they were Kraftwerk!


1970 5 TRKS DE

I happened across a copy of this LP while Kraftwerk were relatively unknown. As I recall, it was not expensive – if a new imported LP was $5 in the mid-70’s, this would not have been more than perhaps $8 – $10. To be honest – I don’t remember!

Yes, it has the sound of nascent Kraftwerk – beat oriented, “electronic”. I am a bit surprised that this LP isn’t a bit more…famous. And there’s no legit CD of it, that I know of.

So, why did I find a British RCA edition – was there a German RCA edition of this LP? Was this LP never re-released / re-issued?

I was a total Kraftwerk ‘freak’ from about the time of “Ralf & Florian” up to and including “Computerwelt”. I saw them play live and was unimpressed. And I wasn’t so into “Electric Café” (I liked “Tour De France” better). Believe me, there was very little info on Kraftwerk in the 70’s – nothing to read – and most all fans knew the obvious: their names, that they were German etc.

The early Kraftwerk mystique continues into the new century. They still exist as a band, but none of their first three albums exist as legit CD’s. The rumor, of course, is that neither Ralf Hutter or Florian Schneider are ‘happy’ with any of the first three albums; not even the sound of the cash register ringing can convince them to allow these massive, wonderful LP’s to be re-issued as CD’s.

Truth is, Organization “Tone Float” is likely a monster rarity these days. I do not recall even hearing of a copy sold in over 20 years. Anybody know what it’s worth, an original UK LP of it? Has it been bootlegged? Illegitimate CD, perhaps? And why isn’t it more famous? (I guess it has been bootlegged onto CD, with a bonus track – never seen a copy). What a bummer some stuff has to be bootlegged to be heard (by the CD generation).

I haven’t read any of the tell-all Kraftwerk books that have been penned – one even by a former member of the band! How did Organization come to form? RCA UK to Philips Germany – that’s quite a move for a then-unknown German band in Germany! I’d love to hear the whole (real) story. I wonder how they got a UK release?

Definitely haven’t played my copy of Organization lately – must do so soon. As previously stated, I have a mint UK original LP of it. Hoping for a nice surprise.

Danke schoen fur die musik, Herr Ralf und Herr Florian.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice lp you have there. I have had the boot cd for about a decade. You were curious to price - my guess is that it would go for more than this now:


9:37 PM  
Blogger browngidouille said...

As far as I know there are no official reissues of this great album. I've got an unoffical re-release on crown records. My favourite is Kraftwerk 1 (the red cone).

On the following link you'll find atleast many of the reissues:

4:21 AM  
Anonymous Jim Donato said...

Dear Anonymous - holy mother of Bob! I have been wishing for a website like Popsike!!!!!

Thanks so much for posting that link!

8:07 PM  

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