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Friday, July 11, 2008


7-11-08 Quails!

Thanks for reading my stuff! Thanks for allowing me to vent about my journey in record collecting for the last week or so. Hope it wasn’t too boring.

As many of you will already know, In less than a month, I will turn 50. I feel like I am reaching some sort of milestone, in my record collecting. Having realized that I will never have the time or inclination to play everything in my collection – I will be selling some of it at the next Claremont LP swap meet, in September.

Of course, despite yesterday’s sad tale (of having to sell my collection, of getting divorced) – things are much better for me in 2008 – I have (once again) over-collected – I can ‘afford’ to lose about 6,000 records from my collection. I now have many more records than when I started selling off records in ’87 – they’re just different records.

I’ve also now got over 7,000 CD’s. That’s a lot! Probably I’ll sell some of ‘em on eBay, some will go to Amoeba etc. I dearly love the Japanese kami sleeve CD’s (little paper album cover CD’s). Not sure when I’ll get back to Japan again, but…I can always dream.

Real soon, I will begin my 7th year of blogging. This blog that you are reading is, in fact, the 2nd incarnation of my main blog – it was previously known as “20th Century Music” – but I’ve been “The Ron Kane Files” for over 400 posts now.

I am always trying to think of stuff to write about, and I am always open to any suggestions. I have an index of all of my blogs since 7/02, so it’s fairly easy for me to look up what I’ve already written about…and what I haven’t. I would like to continue writing about music for as long as humanly possible.

= = =

Thinking about getting some quails – you know, the “State Bird of California” – little birds with the black sprig of feather in front? The internet says they’re not hard to care for, they sometimes eat ‘turkey crumble’ – and we all know how cute baby chicks are!

When I tried to find the life expectancy of a California quail – all that came up was where to hunt for them, how to shoot ‘em & skin ‘em – and some recipes. I do not want to hurt any birds. But I do like the idea of having a few in my back yard…what a great line – “I have lots of quails. Wanna see ‘em?”

So, back to the theme – should I become an amateur bird guy – or just stick with record collecting? Am I nuts for wanting to keep quails in my yard?

(Photo taken by me at the San Francisco Arboretum in Golden Gate Park, last Sunday)


Anonymous Jim Donato said...

We're lucky to have wild turkey in the area where I live. You haven't seen anything until you see a turkey fly up to treetop level. It just looks so wrong but lovely all the same.

7:27 AM  
Blogger Brian Ware said...

Same goes for the peacocks my neighbor used to keep back when we lived in the country. You don't really think of peacocks flying but sometimes they do and it's really cool - particularly the males. However, the novelty wears off quickly with all the nightly noise during mating season and especially when they crap just outside your back door.

I've enjoyed you revisiting your music collecting memories. We've all come a long way together. See you all soon.

9:40 PM  

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