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Friday, February 01, 2008

What did you listen to in January 2008?

2-1-08 What did you listen to in January 2008?

I tried to listen to at least one title per day – but, as you know – it doesn’t always work out that way. Some days, I played 2 or 3 albums – other days: niente, nada, nothing. But I assigned a day to each title I definitely digested. All were CD’s this time.

Jan 1 Edwyn Collins – Home Again (’07 release)

Jan 2 V.A. – Thank You For Being You (Scottish compilation)

Jan 3 East Of Eden – Snafu (’07 re-mastered CD, early 70’s recordings) X 2

Jan 4 Les Rita Mitsouko – (debut) (French)

Jan 5 Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited (Watcher of the Skies)

Jan 6 Peter Gabriel – Ovo

Jan 7 Dr. Strangely Strange – Halcyon Days (’07 release, early 70’s recordings)

Jan 8 The Band – Best Of The Band (‘00 re-mastered CD with bonus tracks)

Jan 9 Kevin Ayers – The Unfairground (’07 release)

Jan 10 George Harrison – Wonderwall Music (O.S.T.)

Jan 11 Pekka Pohjola – B The Magpie (Finnish)

Jan 12 The Band – Music From Big Pink (’00 re-mastered CD with bonus tracks, late 60’s recordings)

Jan 13 Les Satellites – Au Grouve et Des Souris (French)

Jan 14 10cc – 10cc (debut)

Jan 15 The Stranglers – Aural Sculpture (re-mastered CD with bonus tracks)

Jan 16 Miles Davis Stockholm (live, late 50’s, bootleg CD)

Jan 17 Heinz – Tribute To Eddie (60’s Joe Meek production)

Jan 18 Paul McCartney – Paul Is Live

Jan 19 Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man

Jan 20 Donovan – Mellow Yellow

Jan 21 The Chills – Brave Words

Jan 22 Egg – BBC Recordings (live, early 70’s, bootleg CD)

Jan 23 Horace Silver – The Jody Grind

Jan 24 Hansson & Karlsson (Collection CD) (Swedish)

Jan 25 Pino Daniele – Schizzechea With Love (Italian)

Jan 26 Lord Rockingham’s XI – Decca Singles Compilation

Jan 27 Darling Buds – Pop Said…

Jan 28 John Miles – Stranger In The City (CD with bonus tracks)

Jan 29 The Damned – Strawberries (re-mastered CD with bonus tracks)

Jan 30 The Radio Stars – Songs For Swinging Lovers

Jan 31 The Sensational Alex Harvey Band – Penthouse Tapes

Only title I didn’t really dig was The Chills. I believe it’s their first proper album – but I liked their earlier Flying Nun singles better (and their later Slash label full-length titles). On “Brave Words”, I love the song “Rain” – but some of the rest of the album just sounded like Martin was shouting. Also heard recent CD’s by LCD Soundsystem and Juan MacLean (“Less Than Human”).


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